Can you moor anywhere on the Norfolk Broads?

You are welcome to sensibly moor anywhere unless stated “No Mooring”. There are many places that you can moor free of charge; however there are also places where there is a charge for mooring, such as the yacht stations at Norwich and Great Yarmouth where facilities are available.

How much does it cost to moor a boat on the Norfolk Broads?

Natural moorings in the heart of The Norfolk Broads Boats a minimum 20 feet in length up to 24 feet, in stern-on pens are charged at £51.50 per foot per annum and boats over 24 feet in length, in either stern-on or side-on pens, are charged at £55 per foot per annum – no VAT to pay!

How do you moor the Norfolk Broads?

Approach mooring very slowly constantly adjusting the wheel to bring you in at a gradual angle. Don’t forget that reverse gear is your brake. You can bring the stern/rear closer to the bank by turning the wheel full lock away from the bank and using short bursts of throttle alternating between forward and reverse.

Can I Moor on Wroxham Broad?

Anglers are welcome but must make way for boats seeking to moor.

Do you have to pay for moorings on the Norfolk Broads?

The Broads Authority provides a network of free 24 hour moorings. Many more are available at places such as staithes, public houses and boatyards although these may charge a fee (moorings marked DP16 have been provided as part of a planning condition and charges may apply).

Do you have to book moorings on the Norfolk Broads?

No need to pre book moorings. Alternative to getting to Norwich you could go to Beccles or Oulton Broad. Although I live near Oulton Broad it is probably only worth it for the journey and, if you are interested and it fits your schedule, the Powerboat Racing.

Can I moor at Herbert Woods?

Where can I moor? Free mooring is available at any British Hire Boat Federation Boat Yards.

Do you have to wear a life jacket on the Norfolk Broads?

Stay Safe On Board. Always wear your life jacket or buoyancy aid when getting aboard or ashore. Do not leap the gap between the quay and the boat, you could slip between the gap.

Can you live on the Norfolk Broads?

‘Yes, there are people living on beaten up boats and those who don’t follow the rules, but there are also some wealthy people living on boats too. ‘ He said there were many challenges to living on a boat, but technology made it easier. ‘It’s very much a laptop lifestyle.

Can you pre book moorings on the Norfolk Broads?

Welcome, yes you can prebook at a lot of places but you don’t have to. In some ways to go with the flow is a lot better. As long as you have food and bevies on board you can always find a quiet spot and moor there. Don’t think from what you may have read that everything has to be planned to a tee.