Can I sail a Bayfield 32?

While I have not sailed a Bayfield 32, I suggest that you try to do your sail trial on a windy day. These boats have approximately 4000 lbs of ballast which is not too bad on a 10,000 lb boat. But these are shoal draft boats and shoal draft boats generally need a higher ballast ratio to get their vertical center of gravity down.

What are the dimensions of a Bayfield 32?

Bayfield 32: From Family Cruiser to Single-Handed Transatlantic LOA 32 ft. LWL 23 ft 3in. BEAM 10 ft 6in. Draft 3 ft 9in. Displacement 9600 lbs

Is the Bayfield a good boat?

Although I have no first hand knowledge of this, the Bayfields do have a good reputation for their build quality. While these are not my taste in boats, Bayfields seem to have a strong following.

How many Bayfield 25 boats were built?

Two boats were built as ketches with the standard cutter rig moved forward and the bowsprit lengthened. The Bayfield 25 mast was then mounted in the cockpit, with a stainless steel tube acting as the stay between the masts.