Why did Beckhams call daughter Harper?

According to US reports, Victoria likes it as it’s an old English surname, which apparently was given to someone who played or made harps. The most well-known Harper is the author (Harper Lee) of the much-loved book To Kill A Mockingbird.

Where did the Beckhams get the name Harper?

Named after Victoria’s favourite novelist Harper Lee and an avid Harry Potter fan, 9-year-old Harper Seven also plays football like her dad, keeps bees, helps out with charity work – and chooses her own designer clothes, already hailed for her ‘incredibly chic’ and individualist style.

What does the seven mean in Harper Beckham?

“[Seven] symbolizes spiritual perfection: seven wonders of the world, seven colors of the rainbow,” he says. “In many cultures around the world it’s regarded as a lucky number.” Although only 1-week-old, Harper is already making her presence known in the Beckham household — much to the proud papa’s delight!

Why do they call her Harper Seven?

“The main reason behind Seven was it symbolises spiritual perfection – the seven wonders of the world, the seven colours of the rainbow – and in many cultures it is a lucky number. “We love the name and we love Harper Seven.

What’s David Beckham’s daughter’s name?

Harper Seven BeckhamDavid Beckham / Daughter

Why is Brooklyn Beckham named Brooklyn?

Early life. Beckham was born at The Portland Hospital in West End, London, the son of David and Victoria Beckham. It is often reported he was named Brooklyn because he was conceived in Brooklyn, New York. However, according to his mother’s 2001 autobiography Learning to Fly, she and her husband simply liked the name.

What is David Beckham’s daughter called?

Who has a child called Seven?

The Beckhams are not the first to call their child after the lucky number Seven – US rapper and actor Andre 3000, also known as Dre, has a son called Seven. In the TV comedy Seinfeld, George Costanza wanted to call his baby Seven.