Where are the T stations in Boston?


  • Allston Street.
  • Amory Street.
  • Arlington.
  • Babcock Street.
  • Back of the Hill.
  • Beaconsfield.
  • Blandford Street.
  • Boston College.

Which T stop is Boston Common?

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION The subway station is located on the Corner of Park Street and Tremont Street on Boston Common. Take the Green Line to the Park Street Station MBTA stop – located on the Corner of Park Street and Tremont Street on the Boston Common.

Where do I pick up the T in Boston?

There are 2 Amtrak terminals in Boston, at South Station and North Station. South Station is also the main terminal for intercity bus lines like Greyhound and Megabus. Amtrak also stops at Back Bay Station. South Station, located in the heart of downtown Boston, is a Red Line, Silver Line, and MBTA bus station.

How many T stations are in Boston?

Only 31 out of the system’s 147 stations are located underground….

MBTA subway
Orange Line train near Ruggles station
Locale Greater Boston, Massachusetts
Number of lines 3 heavy rail (Red, Orange, Blue) 2 light rail (Green, Ashmont–Mattapan) 1 bus rapid transit (Silver)

Where can I park and take the T in Boston?

Park at Riverside T Station Step 1 is simple. Instead of programming your GPS to take you to your Boston destination, enter: 333 Grove Street, Newton, MA. That’s the address for the Riverside T Station.

How much does it cost to take the T in Boston?

How much does the subway cost? A one-way fare on the subway is $2.40 with a CharlieCard, CharlieTicket, or cash. Reduced fares are available for eligible riders. Passes for 1 day ($12.75), 7 days ($22.50), or the Monthly LinkPass ($90.00) are also available.

What is the Boston subway called?

The subway is the largest part of Boston’s public transit system, with more than 700,000 trips each weekday. It is often referred to simply as the T (the “T” from MBTA—the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority).

Where is Park Street Boston MTA?

Park Street is an MBTA transit station in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located at the intersection of Park Street and Tremont Street at the eastern edge of Boston Common in Downtown Boston.

When did the MBTA start allowing street musicians in the station?

In the 1970s, the MBTA began allowing street musicians to play in the station. Park Street was used as a filming location for See How She Runs (1978) and Spenser: For Hire (1985–88); the sitcom Park Street Under (1979) was set in a fictional bar inside the station.

How many tracks does Park Street station have?

Park Street is a bi-level station, with the Green Line running on the upper level and the Red Line on the lower level. The Green Line has four tracks numbered 1 to 4 (north to south). Tracks 1 and 2 serve an island platform for westbound trains.

What happened to the Park Street information booth?

The Park Street Information Booth on the upper level, which soon became a Boston landmark, opened on December 15, 1923 and replaced an earlier kiosk in the same location. On January 3, 1925, an explosion of celluloid film carried by a passenger injured dozens on a streetcar arriving at the station.