What is a Neve console?

The Neve 8078 was the last of the “80 series” hand-wired analogue mixing consoles designed and manufactured by Neve Electronics, founded in 1961 by the English electronics engineer Rupert Neve, for high-end recording studios during the 1970s. Some were custom built for major studios like CBS Sony.

Where are Neve consoles made?

That year Neve Electronics built one of the first transistor-based mixing consoles for Philips Records Studios in London. The company moved to a purpose-built factory in Melbourn, near Cambridge where in 1968 they designed the 2254 compressor limiter for ABC Weekend Television in the UK.

What is a studio console?

In audio, whether it’s in a project studio at home or in a world-class recording facility, the mixing console (which may also be called the mixing board, audio mixer, or in Britain, mixing desk) is an electronic device for combining, routing, or changing the level, tone, and/or dynamics of audio signals.

How much did Dave Grohl buy the Neve board for?

Well, I mean, you’d be surprised. I would have paid $1 million for this board. I really would have because there’s some things in life that you really consider to be priceless.

What happened Sound City?

Sound City is now the home of two of just 11 surviving Helios Type 69 consoles and continues to use classic analog recording techniques in many of its productions. While the control rooms received some upgrades, including Pro Tools, the main studio remains exactly as it was built in 1969.

Where can I install a Neve® 8424 console in the UK?

South London studio Belly of the Beast has become the first facility in the UK to install a Neve ® 8424 console. The studio pre-ordered the desk prior to its release in June, following an in-depth demo that highlighted its full range of features

What is the best Neve console for tracking and mixing?

The Neve 8068 console is universally considered to be one of, if not the best vintage Neve console for tracking and mixing.

What is a Neve 80-series console?

The 80-series consoles featured modular construction. Each section (EQ, aux sends, routing module, etc.) was self-contained, which enabled clients to commission desks to their particular specifications (while there were stock models produced, it’s hard to find two Neve 80-series consoles in the same configuration).

What happened to the Neve 8068 console?

Much like Fender guitars made before the company was sold to CBS, the Neve 80-series consoles, such as the 8068, became an endangered species when the Bonochord Group took the helm of Neve Electronics in 1973 (Mr. Neve stayed on as a consultant until 1975.)