What are the ingredients in colonoscopy prep?

Each 6 ounce bottle contains: sodium sulfate 17.5 grams, potassium sulfate 3.13 grams, magnesium sulfate 1.6 grams. Inactive ingredients include: sodium benzoate, NF, sucralose, malic acid FCC, citric acid USP, flavoring ingredients, purified water, USP….

Symptom Split-Dose (2-Day) Regimen
Headache 1.1% 0.5%

How fast does magnesium citrate work for colonoscopy prep?

Immediately after drinking Magnesium Citrate, drink at least 2 to 3 eight ounce glasses of clear liquids. Continue to drink clear liquids until bedtime. The laxative effect can begin within 1-4 hours. Be prepared to be near the bathroom during the preparation.

Is Suprep being discontinued?

Note: This product has been discontinued. 2010- Braintree Laboratories introduced SUPREPĀ® Bowel Prep Kit (sodium sulfate, potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate) Oral Solution. The SUPREP Bowel Prep Kit is an effective, low-volume prep with a split-dose regimen.

Is there a new prep for colonoscopy?

The FDA recently approved a new colonoscopy prep tablet that may make it easier for patients as they prepare for this colorectal cancer screening procedure. Until now, patients had to drink a gallon of a bad-tasting liquid to clean out the colon before the test, allowing doctors to complete a thorough evaluation.

Is Suprep better than magnesium citrate?

In 4,339 colonoscopies performed by 75 endoscopists, researchers found that Magnesium citrate, MiraLAX with Gatorade, MoviPrep, OsmoPrep, Prepopik/Clenpiq and Suprep all had significantly higher prep tolerability when compared with GoLYTLEY (all P < . 05).

Is MiraLAX the same as magnesium citrate?

Miralax (Polyethylene Glycol) Treats constipation. Citrate Of Magnesia (Magnesium Citrate) works well if you need to really get things moving, but it’s not a good medicine to manage chronic constipation. Helps get things moving.

What is an alternative to Suprep?

There is currently no generic alternative for Suprep Bowel Prep. GoodRx has partnered with InsideRx and Sebela Pharmaceuticals to reduce the price for this prescription.

What is the best colon prep for a colonoscopy?

Prep: Sodium sulfate,potassium sulfate,and magnesium sulfate (Suprep).

  • Prep: Sodium picosulfate,magnesium oxide,and citric acid (Prepopik).
  • Prep: Polyethylene glycol,sodium sulfate,sodium chloride,potassium chloride,sodium ascorbate,and ascorbic acid (Moviprep).
  • Prep: Magnesium citrate (many over-the-counter brands).
  • What is the best diet in preparation for my colonoscopy?


  • Coconut
  • Corn
  • Prunes or prune juice
  • Raw or dried fruit
  • Whole grains,including brown or wild rice,buckwheat,and cornbread
  • Dry beans,peas,lentils,and tofu
  • Tough,fibrous meat with gristle
  • All berries,figs,dates,and raisins
  • Any food that contains seeds or nuts
  • What is the best way to prepare for a colonoscopy?

    Stay in the bathroom — bring something to entertain yourself,like a book,television,or laptop.

  • Apply diaper cream before the diarrhea starts.
  • Use moist or medicated wipes to clean yourself.
  • What is the best liquid to drink before a colonoscopy?

    – Water – Tea and black coffee without any milk, cream, or lightener – Flavored water without red or purple dye – Clear, light colored juices such as apple, white grape, lemonade without pulp, an