Is the Hobbywing XR10 waterproof?

Introducing from Hobbywing the Waterproof version of their popular racing speedo the XR10. Since the retirement of the popular v3. 1 waterproof speedo there has been a gap in the market for a high end waterproof speedo for UK conditions! The XR10 fills that gap and has more great features the v3.

Is Hobbywing XR8 plus WaterProof?

The XR8 PLUS features an electronic switch with a lifespan of over 50000 on/off cycles, housed in a completely waterproof, dust-proof and shock-resistant design. to withstand anything that a racer can throw at it.

How do I calibrate my Hobbywing xr10 Justock?

Push the throttle trigger to the full brake position, press the SET button, the GREEN LED blinks 3 times and the motor beeps 3 times to accept the full brake endpoint. The motor can be started 3 seconds after the ESC/Radio calibration is complete. The Green LED flashes once and motor emits “Beep” tone.

Is the hobby wing ESC waterproof?

Our ESC is completely waterproofed so that you can save not only space in a compartment but also the weight of the vehicle.

How do I calibrate my Hobbywing Justock ESC?

How do I program my Hobbywing ESC to my computer?

Launch the Hobbywing USB Link. Select the device you want to connect. ②Connect the program box to computer by the USB cable ③Connect the battery to the ESC ④Switch on the ESC. Click “Device” -> “2 in 1 Program Box” -> “Software”, and then choose the software version you want to upgrade.

What is the hobbywing xerun xr10 justock 1/10 Sensored Brushless ESC?

The Hobbywing XERUN XR10 Justock 1/10 Sensored Brushless ESC was developed for Zero-timing racing. The timing has been permanently set to 0°, to ensure 100% fair and competitive racing when racing in spec motor classes.

What makes the xr10 justock so special?

The timing has been permanently set to 0°, to ensure 100% fair and competitive racing when racing in spec motor classes. High Reliability & Durability: Reliable hardware with advanced software allows the XR10 Justock to provide high power output and overload protection.

What causes xerun xr10 justock G3 to lose power?

XERUN XR10 JUSTOCK G3_Car Systems_HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. the power source. This can be caused by a short circuit, or usually, incidentally reversing the terminals. The XR10 Justock is integrated using MOSFET.

How do I upgrade the firmware on my xr10 justock?

Regular Firmware Updates: Upgrade the XR10 Justock with the Hobbywing USB Link software, multifunction LCD program box and a PC. Hobbywing updates the ESC firmware regularly, giving you access to upgraded features on a consistent basis.