How do I factory reset my Avaya phone?

Performing the Factory Reset

  1. Press the Menu button and navigate to the “Administration” menu.
  2. Select and insert the Admin password (default is – 27238)
  3. Scroll down the menu and select Clear.
  4. Press Clear again to confirm the action. The phone settings are cleared and the phone will restart.

How do I convert Avaya 9608 to sip?

STEP ONE: Configure SIP extension on UCx

  1. Log into the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility.
  2. Navigate to the PBX – Extensions page.
  3. Create a SIP extension (see Adding a SIP Extension)
  4. In the Device options section, set NAT to no.
  5. Retain all default settings, enable Voicemail if required.
  6. Save and apply the changes.

How do I factory reset my Avaya 1603?

Press * (STAR) on the dial and then keep pressing # (9 times) until the message “Enter Command” appears. Press the Mute key followed with 25327# Then clear all settings by pressing the # (POUND) on the dial then dial # (POUND) again and the phone will reboot to factory default.

How do I reset my Avaya password?


  1. *Log into your account by entering your email address or user assigned phone number, followed by your password.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select User Details > Security Tab.
  4. Select Change Password, review and accept the Confirmation.
  5. Enter your current password & click Next.
  6. Select Change PIN tab.

How do I reset my Avaya phone password?

How do I administer procpswd on the Avaya 1600?

from documentation page 30: If PROCPSWD is administered as indicated in Chapter 7 of the Avaya 1600 Series IP Deskphones Administrator Guide, you must type the Local Procedure password after pressing Mute and before pressing the code for your given local programming option. PROCPSWD is administratered in 46xxsettings.txt file

Is there a craft menu on the Avaya 1608-i?

FYI on the Avaya 1608-I phones there is no craft menu options. that’s only available with the 9600 series phones.

How to reset the power to the avaya-4610 IP telephone?

To reset the power to the avaya-4610 IP telephone, unplug the phone then plug it back in. Press [*] asterisk (sounds a confirmation tone) to reset the phone without resetting any assigned values.

How do I Reset my Avaya 9608 to default settings?

Reset Avaya 9608 Reboot the phone.Press the * button to program when it prompts as the phone is starting up.Press mute, then type in 27238 # (CRAFT).A menu will appear, scroll down to Clear and press Start.The display will show “Press Clear again to confirm” Was this post helpful?