What is MFB on blue parrot headset?

MFB: Abbreviation for “Multifunction Button .” Multipoint Mode: Multipoint Mode allows you to connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices . Paired: Two Bluetooth devices agree to communicate with one another .

How do I turn up the volume on my BlueParrott headset?

Unless otherwise configured, quickly pressing the Parrott Button while on a call will mute the headset . Press again to unmute . To use Volume Up to mute the headset microphone while on a call, press and hold the Volume Up button for 1-2 seconds . To unmute, press and hold the button again for 1-2 seconds .

How do you turn on a blue parrot headset?

To turn on your BlueParrott B450-XT, press and hold (2 seconds) the Multifunction button. “Power on” will be announced in the headset and the LED will flash red every second.

How to charge blue parrot headset?

To charge, connect the supplied BlueParrott charging cable to the USB port on the headset. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the headset. While charging, a red LED indicates less than a full charge. A blue LED indicates the battery is full.

What is the difference between Blue Parrot 350 and 450?

The B450-XT has a longer range of 300 ft vs B350-XT has 66 ft. B450-XT has 156 dB and B350-XT has 104 dB. B450-XT has Voice Control and B350-XT does not. These do not include a USB dongle.

Why does Blue Parrot keep beeping?

In mute mode, the microphone is muted once the BlueParrott Button is pressed (an audible beep will be heard from the headset when selected, then once every 10 seconds while on mute). When the BlueParrott Button is pressed a second time, the microphone will unmute.

What does the Blue Parrot button do?

The BlueParrott Button™ is configured out-of-the-box to mute, and will mute the microphone while both off or on a call. Programming is performed using the BlueParrott app that you download to your Android or iOS based smartphone (or on your computer using the BlueParrott Updater program).

How do I turn off the blue flashing light on my blue parrot?

Turning Headset Indicator Lights On/Off A quick press of the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together will turn the headset indicator lights off .

Why is my blue parrot headset flashing red?

Flashing blue and red means it is in the pairing mode. If you don’t have pairing enabled on your phone, it can’t find it. ( on the iPhone it is under settings, then choose bluetooth settings to put the phone into a discovery mode ). You might call the 800-742-8588 Blue Parrott number if still can’t get it to pair up.

Why is my BlueParrott headset blinking red?

A slow flashing red LED while the headset is connected to your phone indicates the battery is low and the headset should be charged. You should also hear a low battery alert Steady red flashing every second on the B350-XT, B250-XT+ and B250-XT indicates the headset is not connected to a device.

Why does my Blue Parrot keep disconnecting?

Usually this is due to a secondary paired device trying to establish primary connection (not wanting to share the connection). This issue will require an Apple patch to resolve the issue. You can visit many of the Apple forums where people are reporting the same issue with many types of devices.

Is Blue Parrot owned by Jabra?

GN Audio (Jabra) has acquired VXi and BlueParrott GN Audio – the owner of Jabra, a leading global brand in intelligent audio solutions – today announced that it has acquired VXi Corporation, the headset manufacturer of both the VXi and BlueParrott brands.