What are the different frame types for revolvers?

The smaller-sized frame was called the “I-frame,” and the larger-sized frame was known as the “K-frame.” These designations were an internal way for employees to identify the frame sizes.

What are revolver frame sizes?

Frame comparison: a quick overview of all available frame sizes for Smith & Wesson revolvers

Frame Size: J L
Frame, Window Height (mm): 34 40.6
Cone Length (mm): 13.7 15.5
Cone Width (mm): 17.7 21.3
Model Numbers: 36, 37, 60, 340, 940 581, 586, 619, 620, 646, 681, 686

What is J frame revolver?

small revolver
The designation J-Frame is technically an S&W term for a particular revolver frame size. The J-Frame moniker has evolved and grown and now become a term meaning small revolver in general. The J-Frame has become synonymous with snub nose revolver.

What frame is a S&W 686?

The Model 686 is based on S&W’s L (medium) revolver frame. During the 1980s, Smith & Wesson developed its L-Frame line of . 357 Magnums: the Model 581, Model 586, Model 681 and Model 686.

What is the most common revolver frame size?

The most commonly encountered frame sizes today are the J and J Magnum. In the 20 th Century, the K frame in various permutations became the dominant POlice revolver in the USA and many people can recognize it on sight. Prior to 1957, their revolvers were named. In 1957, the firm switched to a numbering system that is still in use today.

Are there different frames available in Smith&Wesson revolvers?

Due to the wide variety of models available in Smith & Wesson revolver lineup, when purchasing aftermarket parts, tuning parts and accessories, often the specific model is not mentioned but only the frame size. We highlight the differences and everything you need to know about the various frames used in Smith & Wesson revolvers.

What is the N frame type on a revolver?

This frame type is mostly found on revolvers with caliber .44 magnum. Moreover, the N frame type is also used for model 627 with caliber .357 magnum as well as for model 610 with caliber 10 mm auto.

What are the different types of revolvers?

Though revolvers are usually referred to as and often are handguns, other firearms may also have a revolver action. These include some models of grenade launchers, shotguns, rifles and cannons, such as revolver cannon.