What are executive agencies in Jamaica?

Currently, there are nine Executive Agencies – Registrar General’s Department, Administrator General’s Department, Management Institute for National Development, Companies Office of Jamaica, Jamaica Information Service, National Land Agency, National Works Agency, Child Development Agency and National Environment and …

What are the names of the other ministries?

Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • Ministry of Justice.
  • Ministry of Labor.
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  • Ministry of Science.
  • Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • Ministry of Social Security.
  • Ministry of Sports.
  • What are the central government departments?


    • Indian Revenue Service.
    • Department of Disinvestment.
    • Department of Economic Affairs.
    • Department of Revenue.
    • Central Board of Excise and Customs.
    • Central Economic Intelligence Bureau.
    • Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence.
    • Directorate General of Economic Enforcement.

    How many mayors are in Jamaica?

    6 (ALGAJ) is the representative organisation responsible for the interests and welfare of local government authorities. It also seeks to advance local government in general. Its membership is drawn from councillors and the mayors of all 14 local authorities.

    What does executive agency mean in government?

    An executive agency is a part of a government department that is treated as managerially and budgetarily separate, to carry out some part of the executive functions of the United Kingdom government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government or Northern Ireland Executive.

    What is the executive agency model of public management?

    Executive agencies were established as a new way of managing the public sector by focusing on output, improving quality of service provided by essential agencies and by promoting the accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of central ministries, (Coore-Johnson, 2000).

    How many departments are there?

    There are currently 15 executive departments. Each department is headed by a “Secretary” of their respective department, with the exception of the Department of Justice, whose head is known as the “Attorney General”.

    Who appoints the mayor in Jamaica?

    The party which controls each of the 13 parish councils and appoints a mayor for the capital of the parish is the party which wins the majority of divisions in the parish.

    What is the structure of government in Jamaica?

    The agencies of Jamaica are created by both Parliamentary law and assigned to ministers to oversee. The governance structure consists of ministries with portfolios that have agencies that carry out its functions. Aeronautical Telecommunications Ltd.

    Where is the cannabis licensing authority in Jamaica located?

    The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) was established in 2015 under the Dangerous Drug (Amendment) Act (DDA) with a specific role to establish and regulate Jamaica’s … Jamaica Commodity Trading Company Limited is located in 25 Dominica Drive (5), Jamaica. Company is working in Overseas business, Import and Export agents business activities. …

    Who is the Prime Minister of Jamaica 2021?

    The Ministries of Jamaica are created at the discretion of the Prime Minister of Jamaica to carry out the functions of Government. As of 2021 the current Prime Minister is The Most Honorable Andrew Michael Holness, ON, MP.

    Where is the post and Telecommunications Department located in Jamaica?

    The Post and Telecommunications Department (Jamaica Post) headquartered at 6-10 South Camp Road, Kingston, manages the island’s network of nearly 600 Post Offices and Postal … Corporate Overview Wigton Windfarm comprises two phases: Wigton I (20.7 MW installed in 2004 at a cost of US$26 Million) and Wigton II (18 MW …