What is the first capital of Pakistan in 1948?

Karachi became the first capital of the new country of Pakistan in 1947. The FCT was created in 1948 to enable the federal government to operate from a nationally held territory.

What two cities have served as the capitals of Pakistan?

Newly-independent Pakistan had chosen Karachi as its capital in 1947. However, a decade later, President Ayub Khan chose to move the capital nearly 1,500 kilometres to the north, to the new city of Islamabad.

How many capitals Pakistan have?

The country of Pakistan is divided into four provinces and one capital territory for local administration (as well as several federally administered tribal areas).

What is the capital city of Lahore?

Lahore, Urdu Lāhawr, second largest city of Pakistan and the capital of Punjab province. It lies 811 miles (1,305 km) northeast of Karāchi in the upper Indus plain on the Rāvi River, a tributary of the Indus.

What is the second capital of Pakistan?

Regional capitals

Subdivision Status Capital
Islamabad Capital Territory Federal Territory Islamabad
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Peshawar
Punjab Province Lahore
Sindh Province Karachi

Which year Islamabad became capital of Pakistan?

This area has been significant in history for being a part of the crossroads of the Rawalpindi and the North West Frontier Province. The city was built in 1960 to replace Karachi as the Pakistani capital, which it has been since 1963.

What was the previous capital of Pakistan?

The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad, which is located in the federal Islamabad Capital Territory. The city became the official capital on August 14, 1967, which was 20 years after the attainment of independence. Before that, from 1958, the capital city was Rawalpindi.

Why capital of Pakistan was changed?

The reasons for relocating the capital from Karachi are that it would reflect the diversity of the Pakistani people, it would be separated from the business and commercial activity of Karachi, and also it would be easily accessible from all parts of the country.

What city replaced Karachi as the capital of Pakistan?

It is nestled in the foothills of the himalayas giving it a advantageous position to defend.

  • Close to the military HQ in Rawal Pindi.
  • Hard to invade from the North,East and West as it is surrounded by mountains in all these directions.
  • From the South if a army invades from the coast it would have hundreds of miles to travel before reaching Islamabad.
  • Should Lahore become the capital of Pakistan?

    The simple answer is, no. Lahore, while best described as the “cultural capital of Pakistan, should not be the political capital. To be clear, I have nothing against Lahore, after all, I am from there. But the issue is fundamentally that Lahore lacks both the infrastructure and security to be the capital of Pakistan.