What is FTSW tool?

The Foot Switch Configuration Tool allows you to assign keyboard commands to a RS27H/RS28H/RS31H footswitch. By assigning a command such as “Enter” to a pedal, you can control various applications. Configuring a foot switch is straightforward, even for first time users, thanks to the simple interface design.

Why is my Olympus foot pedal not working?

As simple as it may seem, the home-fix is switching the USB port that your foot pedal is connected to. What this does, is rules out a fault with the USB port itself. Secondly, it’ll distinguish which kind of problem you’re experiencing. This could be either a PC or a hardware issue.

Can a foot pedal be used with Windows Media Player?

Foot pedals allow you to access helpful shortcuts such as rewinding and fast-forwarding without having to take your hands away from the keyboard. Windows Media Player is a popular video playback application that is compatible with many file formats, and it is a clear choice to pair with a foot pedal.

Why does a transcriptionist need a foot pedal?

In your transcribing job, transcription foot pedals are necessary to pause, rewind, and fast forward audio recordings. This means you can use keystrokes for standard typing and not have to worry about additional “hotkey” commands to control audio functions. Using fewer keystrokes also improves your turnaround time.

What does a USB foot pedal do?

A foot pedal allows you to control audio with your foot, thus freeing your hands to focus on typing. This simple tool is the best way to improve your transcription speed.

What is the rs28h footswitch used for?

The RS28H footswitch allows for hands-free control of Olympus software. Via the footswitch, Record, Playback, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind of your dictation files can be controlled.

How many buttons are on the rs28h foot pedal?

The foot pedal RS28H incorporates 3 buttons to easily control not only Olympus dictation management software (ODMS, DSS Player Standard, Sonority), but also your preferred third party software.

What is the difference between the Rs28 and rs28h?

Unlike the previous model RS28, the new RS28H can also be used with third-party applications in both Windows and Mac environments. This is thanks to the footswitch including support for keyboard commands or shortcuts which can be set using a dedicated configuration tool.

How do I use the rs28h to operate the recorder?

The RS28H can be connected to an Olympus cradle, to operate the recorder, for hands-free recording or transcription. Transcribe anywhere, anytime! The dynamic RS28H can be configured in ‘keyboard mode’ to operate any application that supports keyboard shortcuts.