What is eCATT SAP?

eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is a tool for software test automation developed by SAP. eCATT offers a graphical user interface with ABAP script editor and its own command syntax. The capability for recording and for parameterizing the test components is also present.

What are SAP Z transactions?

Z transaction is a custom transaction which has been designed for that particular client unlike standard SAP transaction. A custom transaction can only be created with Y or Z as the starting alphabet of the trasnaction code.

What are sensitive transactions in SAP?

SAP Sensitive Transaction Codes

# TCODE Description
1 PFCG Role Maintenance
2 WECRYPTDISPLAY Fields for Encrypted Display
3 SE37 ABAP Function Modules
4 FK08 Confirm Vendor Individually (Acctng)

What is SAP TAO?

SAP TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization) is a method for automating testing in SAP.

What is Z and Y in SAP?

There is no difference between these two. If you are using ‘Z’ or ‘Y’ namespace it is identified as custom objects. Other than these two are properitary of SAP.

Can we automate SAP using selenium?

Can we automate SAP using selenium? No,Selenium doesn’t support SAP application as SAP is installed as desktop client. As per as Selenium is concerned ,it only supprts applications which interacts with web browsers. For automating SAP application,use recorder provided by SAP.

How do I set up SAP systems to use ECATT?

Configurations to set up SAP Systems to use eCATT. Go to transaction SM31. Enter table T000 and choose Maintain. You will be warned that the table is client-independent – ignore this warning. Double-click the relevant client in the list. Under Restrictions, choose a setting that allows CATT/eCATT in that client.

What is the transaction code to create and run ECATT?

Transaction code to create and run eCATT is SECATT. Test the effect of changes to customizing settings eCATT scripts can be included in a test catalog to be executed sequentially in a single click and can be scheduled to be executed on hourly , daily , monthly or weekly basis depending upon the time entered by the user.

What is ECATT?

eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is an SAP Testing Tool used to automate & test business scenarios in SAP R/3. Each test that was executed will generate a detailed log that will give the test process and results.

What are the system requirements for ECATT?

eCATT runs in a system based on SAP Web Application Server 6.20 or higher. However, you can use this system to test systems with Release 4.6C or higher. Transaction code to create and run eCATT is SECATT. eCATT may be used to : Test transactions, reports, and scenarios.