What are blue level words Montessori?

After mastering the Pink Series, the child is ready to move to Blue Series words. These words consist of consonant blends (at the beginning or end of the word, or both), and a short vowel sound. Examples would include “flag”, “mend”, and “clock”.

What is pink and blue series in Montessori?

The Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Series is a 3-stage process that is part of the Montessori way of teaching children how to write and read organically. You may be used to hearing the phrase “read and write,” but the Montessori method teaches children to write first, and then read.

What are Montessori blends?

With Montessori “PBG” Language scheme, once the child masters the 💗 PINK Series, you would gradually move on to BLUE 💙 Series, which introduces blends. A consonant blend or a cluster is a group of consonants that are next to each other in a word.

What is pink series in Montessori?

The Montessori Pink Series is a set of language object boxes where all of the objects represent a CVC word and have a matching index card. In traditional Montessori classrooms, the pink, blue, and green series can take up an entire wall with individual boxes dedicated to each letter sound!

What is Green Series Montessori?

The Green Series of the Montessori Reading Scheme is when the children are introduced to phonograms made up of 2 or more letter sounds, these include the long vowel sounds such as: ai, ee, ie, oa, ue. They first learn how to read words containing the phonogram, then how to spell words using the Small Moveable Alphabet.

What is olfactory sense in Montessori?

Montessori Teachings. Your olfactory system is your sense of smell. Children can develop their sense of smell by sorting and matching objects based on the strength of the smell. We teach the vocabulary associated with the smells, as well as how to compare between strong and faint smells.

How is word introduced in Montessori?

And yet, our language materials are quite simple: early materials introduce children to phonetic sounds. Later materials build upon those sounds to put together simple words. More advanced materials introduce more complicated words and structures, eventually leading to the full complement of grammar materials.

What is the consonant blend of blue?

Initial Consonant Blend Word Lists
“bl-” blends blend, blue, black, blossom, blur, blind
“br-” blends break, brown, brace, brick, brand, bright
“cr-” blends crown, crow, crab, cream, create, cry
“sn-” blends snake, snack, snow, sneak, snore, snap

What are movable alphabets?

In brief, a moveable alphabet is a tool used in a Montessori learning environment to teach reading, spelling, and writing. It is a wooden box containing 26 wooden letters. Vowels are in blue and consonants are in red.

What is pink scheme?

A child first uses the pink pictures to “spell ” words with the moveable alphabet. The pink scheme introduces phonetic, three lettered words. First printout phonetic, three letter words with pictures. Your child matches words to pictures. If this is too difficult, I go back to using 3-part cards .