What is calibration of pipette?

The calibration of pipette is carried out by gravimetric method. When determining the volume of water, the accuracy of measurements is effected by ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. These factors are usually combined to give the Z factor, used in calculation of volume of water.

What is manual pipette?

A manual pipette is a handheld instrument used in life science laboratories to accurately measure and dispense micro-volumes of liquids between multi-well plates, microtubes and reservoirs. Manual pipettes are used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical and academic research institutions.

What is mechanical pipette?

Mechanical pipettes are long-lasting tools that are widely used in laboratories of all kinds. Because they are used for several hours a day, ergonomics and personal preferences – such as handling comfort – are important selection criteria.

What are Volumetric pipettes used for?

Volumetric Pipettes are designed to very accurately transfer a specific amount of solution. These pipets can only be used to deliver the volume of liquid for which it is calibrated. Volumetric pipets have narrow tips and a bulb-like expansion in the middle.

What are serological pipettes used for?

The serological pipette is a nearly ubiquitous laboratory instrument used for transferring milliliter volumes of liquid. Serological pipettes typically have gradations along their sides for measuring the amount of liquid being aspirated or dispensed.

What is the volume range of the transferpette ® s?

The Transferpette ® S is available in single channel and multichannel models. The single channel model is available in fixed volume and adjustable (digital) volume models in volume ranges from 0.1µL to 10mL. The multichannel model is available in 8- or 12-channels in volume ranges from 0.5µL to 300µL.

What’s new in the brand transferpette ® s?

The NEW! Transferpette ® S from BRAND is the same high quality pipette that customers have come to expect. A lightweight, yet robust instrument that delivers a high degree of accuracy and precision, the Transferpette ® S now offers newly refined features that make work even easier and more efficient.

What kind of piston does a transferpette ® have?

The ultra-micro sized Transferpette ® models have a stainless steel piston, as glass is impractical in such small sizes. What tips fit your pipettes? The tip cone on the Transferpette ® S single channel pipette has a unique design that fits many brands of pipette tips.

What is a transferpette electronic?

The BRAND Transferpette ® electronic is an ergonomic, intuitive electronic pipette for use in most laboratory applications. The soft-touch pipetting key, adjustable finger-rest, light weight and innovative tip cone minimize static strain and operational forces, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries.