What fabrics were used in the 1950s?

Fabrics Available Natural fibers (linen, cotton, wool, silk), rayon, acetate, nylon, modacrylic, acrylic, polyester, and spandex. For daytime, the most common fabrics were in naturals, rayon, nylon, poly-cotton blends, and sometimes acrylic and acetate; sweaters were wool (cashmere for status) or acrylic knit.

What colors were popular in clothing in the 1950s?

There were three major color trends in the 50s; pastel, modern and Scandinavian. Pastel colors that were particularly popular were pink, turquoise, mint green, pale yellow and blue. Modern colors were clean and bright and included vibrant yellow, electric blue, orange, red, black and white.

What was the style in the 50’s?

Key designs for the decade included dresses with cinched waists, pencil skirts, poodle skirts, gingham and polka dot garments, cropped sweaters and cardigans, and much more. The key shape for the decade was a feminine, exaggerated hourglass silhouette.

What are antique textiles?

Antique Embroideries and Embroidered Textiles – Antique embroideries and Suzani embroideries are hand-stitched textiles that are often decorative in design. They can be composed of fine materials such as silk and may even contain metal threading or other precious elements like pearl or gold.

How do you identify fabric by touching?

Silk fabrics are very smooth to touch, bright and lusterious to see. The fingers run softly over silk fabrics. Woollen fabrics are course to touch, with small protruding fiber hairs. Polyester and rayon fabrics are smooth to touch and lusterous to see.

What type of clothing did they wear in the 1950s?

Straight stovepipe trousers, velvet-collar jackets, white shirts, colorful socks, suede creeper shoes, and carefully combed-back hair completed the look. In the United States, film stars Marlon Brando and James Dean popularized jeans, white shirts, leather jackets, and greased-back hair.

What kind of fabric was used in the early 1900s?

Early 1900s antique seamless grain sack, heavy homespun type cotton fabric with brown woven stripe. This has the (faded) original graphic Vintage 36″ wide cotton fabric with tiny leaf and flower print in fall colors on white. This is a 1 1/2 yard length in excellent cond

What is mid-century vintage cotton fabric?

Mid-century vintage cotton fabric with an unusual menswear style print in red and teal blue on white. These are maybe tiny shields with e Early 1900s antique seamless grain sack, heavy homespun type cotton fabric with brown woven stripe. This has the (faded) original graphic

How big is this piece of vintage cotton plisse fabric?

Soft lightweight cotton plisse fabric, 1950s or 60s vintage, 36″ wide. This piece is 2+ yards – nice and bright, but does have some So soft vintage all cotton fabric with a very fine plisse texture and a great girly print! This is 36″ wide, 1950s or 60s.

What is vintage Feedsack fabric?

Vintage feedsack fabric, a whole sack still sewn up as a bag. This has blue flowers on a grey and white background, nice bright color wit 1940s – 50s vintage feedsack fabric with a really unusual print, ‘stitching’ in red on jadite and teal. Sort of like the lacing o …