Who are the people in the 7-Eleven commercial?

These are some of the topics in a song by a Coachella Valley music duo featured in a new commercial for convenience store chain 7-Eleven. The YIP YOPS comprise frontman Ison Van Winkle and drummer Ross Murakami, who said they recorded the commercial in early March at a home in Los Angeles.

Do you get free Slurpees if your born on 7 11?

For the second year in a row, 7-Eleven is changing how they dole out free Slurpees in celebration of their birthday due to the pandemic. For nearly 20 years, the American convenience store has been giving away free Slurpees every July 11 (or 7/11, also known as “Free Slurpee Day”).

Is 711 giving free Slurpees 2020?

7-Eleven is going all out for its 94th birthday this year. After the coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of free Slurpee day in July of 2020, this year, the convenience store will offer free Slurpees all July.

What is the song in the new 7/11 commercial?

The song featured in the commercial is titled “Fred Sanford,” a reference to the character played by Redd Foxx in the 1970s sitcom “Sanford and Son.”

How Much Is a Big Gulp 7 11?

The best coffee, the poetry of a freshly ground espresso, or the ice-cold enjoyment of cool Big Gulp is better when it costs less. That’s why 7-Eleven has $1 any size coffee* and 49¢ Big Gulp**, only with 7REWARDS.

Can I use my own cup at 7 11?

The only restriction is that the “cup” must fit upright through an in-store display with a 10-inch-diameter hole. So, trash cans, laundry bags and inflatable swimming pools won’t cut it.

How much does a slushy cost at 7-Eleven?

For a limited time at participating stores, small Slurpee drinks are $1 each in new Slurpee stay cold cups. All roller grill items, including Big Bite hot dogs, taquitos, Cheeseburger Bite rollers, Buffalo chicken rollers and eggrolls, are $1 each in July.