What is today in history?

Today in History is a timetable of everything that happened on this date in the areas of politics, war, science, music, sport, art, entertainment, and more.

What are some historical events that happened in history?

American Revolutionary War. Great awakening’ history. History of Soviet Union. The Canadian Indians History: the White Paper 1969. The development of women’s rights. Southeast Asia history: Chinese imperial expansion. Belize and Mexico history: people and civilizations.

Was the world created on Sunday?

According to 17th century divine James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh, and Dr. John Lightfoot of Cambridge, the world was created on this day, a Sunday, at 9 a.m.

Are You unprepared to give interesting historical lectures?

Being unprepared for an impressive diversity of historical episodes, you can get discouraged. Delivering insightful information start to seem stressful. You may give up in despair.

What happened on this day in history June 9th?

On This Day in History, June 9. What Happened On This Day – June 9. 1967 Israel captures the Golan Heights from Syria Israel’s occupation of the territory and the establishment of Israeli settlements in the area continue to hamper negotiations to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing Middle East conflict.

What happened on the 22nd of October in history?

On This Day in History, October 22. What Happened On This Day – October 22. 2008 India Launches its First Lunar Mission The unmanned space probe called Chandrayaan-1 was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

What happened on this day in history March 8?

On This Day in History, March 8. What Happened On This Day – March 8. 1979 The compact disc is presented to the public. The CD was developed by Philips and Sony. The companies later collaborated to produce a standard format and CD players. 1978 The first episode of the radio comedy The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is broadcast.