Is there a database of federal employees?

What is the Federal Workers Lookup? The Federal Workers Lookup is a searchable database of information about 1.8 million civilian U.S. government employees – most of the non-military personnel who worked for the government during fiscal year 2002, the latest year for which data are available.

How do you know if your federal employee?

Look in the Federal Procurement Data System at, a database run by the Federal Government. In this system, you can enter the name of your employer in the “ezSearch” box, and then, within the results, click on “View” to see the “Principal Place of Performance” to see if this matches with your worksite.

What is a federal employment report?

The report covers the limitations and nature of OPM data, and uses the data to describe common ways to look at the Federal civilian workforce and how those definitions impact commonly requested facts.

What is the current federal employment?

Federal Civilian Employment

Geographic Area All Agencies* Annuitants + Employees
California 152,466 362,381
Colorado 36,848 87,717
Connecticut 7,998 22,665
Delaware 3,039 13,862

What is considered a federal civilian employee?

Federal civilian employees work directly for a federal agency, such as the Social Security Administration. The military employs civilians for non-combat work, and they are also considered federal civilian employees.

Where can I find my FERS statement?

How to access your monthly annuity payment statement

  • Sign in to your online account. Go to OPM Retirement Services Online.
  • Click Annuity Statements in the menu.
  • Select the payment period you would like to view from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the save or print icon to download or print your statement.

How many civilians are employed by the federal government?

This is much higher than the number of federal government (civilian) employees, which stood at about 2.93 million people in that year….Number of governmental employees in the U.S. from 1982 to 2020 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Federal (civilian) State and local
2020 2,929 19,768
2019 2,831 19,688

What is a civilian federal employee?

(1) The term “civilian employee” means a person employed by the Federal Government, including a person entitled to basic pay in accordance with the General Schedule provided in section 5332 of title 5 or a similar basic pay schedule of the Federal Government.

What information is available on the federal employee dataset?

Information available through this dataset may include name, job title, duty station, and salary for most Federal civilian employees. Some individual’s names have been withheld by the OPM or specific agencies for security reasons.

Can I use federal employee salary data from the salary database? requires attribution for any use of articles or information, including use of data from the individual federal employee salary database, from this site that is published in any form. For additional details, see the About page.

How many federal employees are employed by OPM?

The U.S. Treasury’s Data Lab presents an analysis exploring federal employees using federal financial data and employment data from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In 2017, the 24 CFO Act Agencies employed nearly 2 million people.

Where can I find a list of all federal employees? has created a powerful search tool that allows public access to the EHRI-SDM dataset, which contains records of most public employees of the United States’ Federal Government. Information available through this dataset may include name, job title, duty station, and salary for most Federal civilian employees.