Is Swift Creek privet evergreen?

Swift Creek Privet is a dense multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with an upright spreading habit of growth.

Is Ligustrum an invasive plant?

Because Ligustrum is a highly invasive non-native plant that is taking over wooded areas throughout the Eastern United States, crowding out native species and drastically reducing biodiversity in those areas.

Is there a variegated Ligustrum?

Variegated Privet is an evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub that is 6-10′ tall and wide. It’s creamy white and green leaves make for an excellent accent plant or hedge. The best foliage will appear when planted in full sun. This plant flowers in the late spring and it’s malodorous flowers are offensive to many people.

How do you trim variegated privet?

Cut back the plant in the spring to maintain its size, rejuvenate it and keep the foliage dense.

  1. Cut back any dead or dying branches and stems to the main stem or branch from which it grows.
  2. Rake the area under and around the privet shrub to remove existing debris, dead branches and stems.

How do you germinate privet seeds?

Plant the seed about 1 inch deep in the soil. Tamp the soil lightly over the seed to make sure there is good soil-to-seed contact. Moisten the planted seed with just enough water to dampen the soil around the seed. Watch for the sprouts to come up in about 60 days.

How fast do Ligustrum bushes grow?

Ligustrums are very fast growing shrubs. Japanese privets can add as much as 25 inches (63.5 cm.) of growth per year, and other varieties grow quickly as well. This rapid growth rate means that ligustrum shrubs need frequent pruning to keep them under control.

Is variegated privet invasive?

Privet flowers just cause allergies. 2. The flowers give rise to hundreds of blue-black berries relished by birds, who spread them all over the universe. As a result, privets are incredibly invasive and weedy.

Can you keep variegated privet small?

If you want a full and leafy look all the way to the ground, you have two choices: prune the variegated privet down to twelve inches or hide the ugly knees with another low shrub (like dwarf yaupon holly) in front.