How large was the CIS droid army?

Divisions consisted of 21,840 droids in five regiments, while corps consisted of 109,200 droids in five divisions. The largest tactical unit was the army, composed of 218,000 battle droids and support droids in two corps, and represented the total surface force carried aboard a Lucrehulk-class Battleship.

Who killed Viceroy gunray?

As Vader cornered Gunray, he attempted to reason with Vader, telling the newly appointed Sith Lord that the war was over and that Lord Sidious had promised them peace. However, Lord Vader ignored Gunray’s pleas and proceeded to slash him across the chest with his lightsaber, killing him.

Who died in the Umbara arc?

When the 501st reached the outskirts of the capital, Krell decided to launch a full forward assault on the capital along the main road, despite Rex’s objections. However, they walked into a minefield, which killed Oz and Ringo. Fives was then able to find a way through the field.

Did any battle droids survive?

Despite the deactivation of the Separatist Droid Army, its legacy still lived on in battle droids that survived the Clone Wars. After the Clones Wars various Separatist holdouts survived and attempted to fight the Empire. Nevertheless, the Empire ordered all surviving battle droids to shot on sight and melted down.

Are Neimoidians and Duros related?

Neimoidians were related to the Duros species.

What kind of droids are in the original Star Wars?

Ventress’ army mainly consisted of standard B1 battle droids, though the B2-HA super battle droid also made up its ranks. The Separatist Droid Army first appeared in the 2002 feature film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.

Did the Separatist droid army use battle droids?

The Separatist Droid Army employed a wide variety of battle droid models in their units. Throughout its operational history, the Separatist Droid Army incorporated and deployed a wide variety of different battle droid models against the clone armies of the Republic during the war.

Is there a list of ships associated with Vietnam and Agent Orange?

VA maintains a list of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships associated with military service in Vietnam and possible exposure to Agent Orange based on military records. VA is currently reviewing and updating the list of ships.

How many US Navy ships were in Vietnam?

There is now a list of more than 325 ships that were operated by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard off the shores of Vietnam. Any claim filed by Blue Water Veterans for compensation would be decided by the VA on a fact-based basis. This means evidence must show: