Who was on Leroys season of The Real World?


Cast Member Age Hometown
Dustin Zito 24 Rayne, Louisiana
Heather Marter 21 Delran, New Jersey
Leroy Garrett 25 Romulus, Michigan
Michael Ross 23 Nokesville, Virginia

What is Leroy from The Challenge doing now?

Leroy returned to Dallas to his sanitation job. He went on to do multiple seasons of The Challenge. Since then, Leroy moved to Las Vegas and became a professional barber.

Where is Dustin from real world now?

The couple lives in New York City and their romance can be traced back to 2017. It’s been a while since The Real World and The Challenge, but Dustin has improved his life since starring on those famous reality shows.

What season of Real World was Zach Nichols on?

The Real World: San Diego (2011 season)

The Real World: San Diego
Season 26
The cast of The Real World: San Diego
Starring Alexandra Govere Ashley Kelsey Frank Sweeney Nate Stodghill Priscilla Mendez Sam McGinn Zach Nichols
Country of origin United States

Are Leroy and Nany still friends?

I love you both so much!” Nany and Leroy were on The Real World: Las Vegas together and have been good friends since then. They always had each other’s backs on The Challenge, and when Leroy and Kam became official, Nany gave the couple her full support.

How old is Kam and Leroy?

Born Nov. 3, 1994, Malkamitu “Kam” Williams is 27-years-old. From Michigan (b. May 16, 1985), Leroy Garrett is 36-years-old.

Are Dustin and Nany still friends?

I don’t talk to him as much as I talk to Mike, Heather, Dustin and Naomi. Cooke is out of the country a lot. She plays soccer in the Philippines, so she’s always off doing something. We’re still pretty good friends, and we do talk when we can.”