Who bought Butlins Filey?

Work on the site began in 1939, but was suspended on the outbreak of war. During 1939-45, the site was taken over by the RAF and became RAF Filey. With the end of the war, ownership was returned to Billy Butlin and the site opened to the public in 1946.

Did Billy Butlin live in Filey?

Built in 1936, Filey Whitehouse is a stunning art deco home which was once owned by holiday camp founder Billy Butlin. Now, decades later, people from all over the country flock to Filey to stay in the stunning accommodation for a unique holiday experience.

What is on the site of Butlins Filey now?

The holiday village The Bay Holiday Village has been built on the former Butlins site at Filey. The area was cleared in 2006 and the development began a year later. It is located on one of the most naturally beautiful stretches of the North Yorkshire coastline.

Where is Sir Billy Butlin grave?

English ChannelBilly Butlin / Place of burial

Is Lady Butlin still alive?

Lady Sheila Butlin, widow of the founder of Butlin’s holiday camps Sir Billy Butlin, has died aged 89. Lady Butlin died peacefully at her home in Jersey on Saturday, family funeral directors confirmed.

Where is Butlin’s Filey?

Butlin’s Filey. Filey Holiday Camp was a Butlin’s holiday camp near Filey, North Yorkshire, England, built for Billy Butlin’s holiday organisation. Construction of the camp began in 1939. From 1939 to 1945, the camp was used as a military training base, as RAF Hunmanby Moor.

Do You Remember Filey’s own Butlin’s Holiday Camp?

But despite its worn appearance, he remembered Filey’s own Butlin’s warmly. He said: “In 2001 while visiting Filey, I was walking my dog along the beach towards Primrose Valley when I went in search of the remains of the old Butlin’s holiday camp whereas an 18 year-old-art student I had worked in the summer holidays of 1968.

What is Filey?

Filey was one of the most famous and largest Butlin’s Holiday Camps in the country, a few miles to the south of the town that gave the camp its name, at Hunmanby Gap. After the war, Butlin’s managed to have the camp ready to open for the last two weeks of the 1945 season.

Where can I see more photos of Butlin’s Bay holiday village?

Visit Butlins website at www.butlins.com The Bay Holiday Village today stand on the site of the former Butlin’s camp at Filey. You can view more of Richard Bailey’s photographic work on his website.