Which brand of refrigerator is the best in the UK?

Statista surveyed over 24,000 people to find the leading fridge freezer brands in the UK. This research saw Beko rank the highest, with over a quarter of those surveyed owning a Beko model. Hotpoint, Samsung and Bosch also featured high on the list.

Are old fridges better?

If currently using a refrigerator that is older than 10-11 years consider replacing with a new more energy-efficient unit. labeled units exceed federal energy efficiency standards by 15% or more. If living in Europe, select models with an “A” rating – the higher the rating the better.

How long are fridges supposed to last UK?

While most fridges will need replacing after 9-13 years, it is possible for them to last even longer. Regular maintenance, such as dusting the condenser coils, can help to extend your fridge’s lifespan. Common problems that your fridge may experience during its lifetime include: Not being cold enough.

Is Beko good brand?

Beko Compared to Similar Brands. Beko may be the new kid on the block on this side of the globe, but its outstanding performance, quality, and craftsmanship have made it a brand worth keeping an eye on.

Are Beko fridges any good?

Thankfully Beko refrigerators are very reliable. The company did have some issues with a couple of older models. Thankfully, those problems are long gone. Top review sites and customer reviews agree that more recent Beko fridges are quite reliable and don’t have any widespread problems to be concerned with.

What is the best stand alone fridge freezer under £400?

Zanussi ZTAN24FW0: The best fridge freezer for under £400 If you’re looking for a tall-standing fridge freezer than this basic but competent 80/20 model from Zanussi might just fit the bill. At 1.4m tall and 55cm in width, it’s a good sized stand-alone model for smaller kitchens.

What are the energy ratings for fridge freezers?

In general, these energy ratings are denoted by the letters A to D followed by up to three plus signs. However, pretty much all current fridge freezers enjoy at least an A+ rating so rest assured that, despite being on all the time, they won’t present too much of a burden on your household energy bills.

Where can I find a good review of a refrigerator?

Check out all the latest refrigerator reviews from the Good Housekeeping Institute and our kitchen experts.

Why choose eco buy fridge freezers?

That’s why we’ve started recommending Eco Buy fridge freezers. These are ones we’ve chosen as balancing good chilling and freezing performance with energy efficiency and brand reliability. To find the most sustainable models, go to our fridge freezer reviews and use the filter for Eco Buys.