What is a 2012 Honda CRF50 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $1,540 $725
Total Price $1,540 $725

How much does a Honda CRF50 cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $1,499 $1,350
Total Price $1,499 $1,350

How fast does a Honda CRF50 go?

Honda CRF 50 Top Speed : 33 MPH.

What is cost of Honda 50cc dirt bike?

The 2021 CRF50 sells for $1,599 (USD) brand new. This Honda 50cc dirtbike is designed for young riders who are just getting their feet wet….Honda CRF50 Specifications.

Price & Warranty
Price $1,599 (USD)
Warranty 6-month transferable limited warranty
Extended Warranty Available

What age is a Honda CRF50 for?

It’s worth noting that Honda’s lawyers only recommend the CRF50F to riders 13 year of age or older—in reality, that makes not a single bit of sense.

What age is a CRF50 for?

What age is the CRF50 for? It really depends on the size of your kid, but it can range from age 3-7 years old. Any older than that and your son or daughter will probably be too big and cramped on it.

How can I make my CRF50 faster?

Best Free & Cheap CRF50 Upgrades For A Faster Pit Bike

  1. Rear Shock Spring.
  2. Fork Springs.
  3. Reinforce frame.
  4. Tall Seat.
  5. Wide Pegs.
  6. Handlebars.
  7. Triple Clamps.
  8. Exhaust System.

How much weight can a CRF50 hold?

Weight limit The CRF50 is widely used as a pit bike, whether it’s for racing or just tooling around the pits. The weight limit is technically supposed to be for kids under 80lbs or so, but it will still hold you if you’re 200lbs.

Is a CRF50 a 2-stroke?

If I had to pick, I’d give the slight edge in longterm reliability to the Honda CRF50 because it’s a 4 stroke.

Can adults ride a CRF 50?

The stock suspension on an XR or CRF 50 cannot handle the weight of an adult unless you’re just riding on flat ground. Even then a spring upgrade will improve your ride and not bottom out so easily.

How much horsepower does a Honda CRF50 have?

2017 CRF50F Horsepower – 3.1 HP. 2017 CRF50F Torque – 2.53 ft/lb TQ.

What age is Honda CRF50 for?

The medium size wheels would be good for 9-11 year-old riders. And I think the big wheel CRF125 would be really good for kids 11 years-old or older.

How much does a 2012 Honda CRF 50 cost?

2012 Honda Crf 50, 2012 Honda Cr 50. Great beginner dirt bike. Like new. Low hours, great condition, one owner. No problems at all. Call Sam at 734-890-6909 $1,200.00 7348906909

Is the 2012 Honda CRF 450R ready to ride?

2012 Honda CRF 450R, DIALED IN READY TO RIDE! 2012 Honda CRF® 450R The CRF450R rear shock linkage has changed so you get a softer start and a stiffer finish. It responds to small bumps better, but also resists bottoming over really big hits.

Where can I pick up a 2005 Honda CRF 50 dirt bike?

Pick up only in Monrovia, CA (Near Pasadena), would consider delivery in Southern California. No shipping offered. The Vehicle Is In Great Condition Barley UsedHAVE TO PICK IT UP YOURSELF Just Had A Tune Up Not Less Than 2 Weeks AgoPay On PayPal 2005 HONDA CRF 50 dirt Bike. Great Condition.

What kind of engine does a 2012 Honda CRF 150R have?

2012 Honda CRF 150R, 2012 Honda CRF150F The CRF150F has an electric push-button starter, a four-stroke engine, Pro-Link® rear suspension for maximum control, and a five-speed transmission.