What does PCCW mean?

PCCW Limited (formerly known as Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited) is a Hong Kong -based information and communications technology (ICT) company. The company is the majority owner of telecommunications company HKT Limited, and also holds a majority interest in Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited.

What happened to PCCW?

PCCW is now also the leading Internet service provider in Hong Kong, using the Netvigator brand for dialup modem and DSL service. PCCW has been the object of much scorn in Hong Kong as a result of the HKT purchase. [citation needed] In 2003 the company’s stock price was down 96 percent from its 2000 peak.

Who is PCCW Solutions?

Also wholly-owned by the Group, PCCW Solutions is a leading IT and business process outsourcing provider in Hong Kong, mainland China and Southeast Asia. In addition, PCCW holds a stake in Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited and other overseas investments. The Group had over 22,800 employees located in 50 countries and cities.

Is PCCW still part of HKT?

PCCW Media and PCCW Solutions became wholly owned subsidiaries of PCCW, no longer part of the HKT Limited group. After the IPO, PCCW still held an over 50% controlling stake of HKT Limited, via HKT Trust.