What does ASTM D6978 mean?

Title. “Standard Practice for Assessment of Resistance of Medical Gloves to Permeation by Chemotherapy Drugs” Description. This practice covers a protocol for the assessment of resistance of medical glove materials to permeation by potentially hazardous cancer chemotherapy drugs under conditions of continuous contact.

What is ASTM D6978 gloves?

ASTM standard D6978 is specific for testing gloves used with chemotherapeutic agents; no equivalent permeation test standard exists for protective gowns, which also are recommended by most guidelines when health care workers handle chemotherapy drugs.

What ASTM standard must chemo gloves meet?

ASTM D6978-05
The current standard for exam gloves used in chemotherapy is ASTM D6978-05 “Standard Practice for Assessment of Resistance of Medical Gloves to Permeation by Chemotherapy Drugs”.

Which gloves are most appropriate for chemotherapy administration?

Wear double gloves (latex or nitrile) for all procedures involving chemotherapy administration. Change gloves after each use, tear, puncture, medication spill, or after 30 minutes of wear for latex, 60 minutes for nitrile. Wear protective gown with solid front at all time.

Why does oxaliplatin cause cold sensitivity?

Oxaliplatin-induced cold hypersensitivity is due to remodelling of ion channel expression in nociceptors.

What does chemo tested gloves mean?

Gloves are tested. for permeability by specific chemotherapy drugs. Ensure that the selected gloves have been tested. against the types of chemotherapy used in practice.

What makes a glove chemo rated?

The Confiderm Chemo Rated Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder-Free – NonSterile are gloves for the use of medical examination. The gloves are made of a latex-free material, reducing the risk of causing an allergic reaction to patients or users who may be sensitive to latex-based products.

How thick are chemo gloves?

The thick 0.08-millimeter barrier of the glove helps prevent penetrating punctures for the person wearing it. This keeps skin contact with chemotherapy drugs and other medications down to a bare-minimum level and preventing risky exposure.

Why do you have to wear gloves when handling chemo pills?

Gloves help protect caregivers from absorbing chemotherapy through the skin. Gloves should be worn any time chemotherapy is handled by someone other than the patient.

What nitrile gloves are chemo rated?

What is a chemo rated glove?