Is Night of the Living Dead banned in Germany?

In 2017, Netflix complied with the German Commission for Youth Protection (KJM) to remove Night of the Living Dead. A version of the film is also banned in the country.

Why is Night of the Living Dead band in Germany?

The 1990 version is banned because of the usual blood and gore (Deeming it an unhealthy influence on German youth). Germany has gone to extreme lengths to censor such things like completely replacing all characters with robots in games like they did with Command And Conquer Generals like shown on the image below.

Where was Night of the Living Dead banned?

Why is ‘Night of the Living Dead” banned in Germany? – Quora. Why is “Night of the Living Dead” banned in Germany?

Is Night of the Living Dead still public domain?

The film has also inspired several remakes as a result of its public domain status. An official remake, written by Romero and directed by Tom Savini, was released in 1990 and has similarly gained a small cult following….

Night of the Living Dead
Language English
Budget $114,000–$125,000
Box office $30 million

What movies are banned in Germany?

Banned Movies in Germany

  • Absurd (1981) Not Rated | 90 min | Horror.
  • Maniac (2012) Not Rated | 89 min | Horror, Thriller.
  • The American Scream (1988) 85 min | Comedy, Horror.
  • Don’t Go in the Woods (1981) R | 82 min | Horror, Thriller.
  • Banned! In America (1998 Video)
  • Banned! In America II (1998 Video)
  • Banned!
  • Banned!

Why was M banned in Germany?

Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party took power in 1933, and banned the film the next year. It was then stored in a vault, where it stayed for many years. German audiences didn’t get the chance to see the film again until 1966.

Where was Night of the Living Dead filmed 1968?

Fifty-one years ago, she returned to her hometown for the premiere of “Night of the Living Dead,” which was filmed around Pittsburgh and nearby Evans City. Starring in the 1968 horror classic as Barbra, she was one of several characters taking refuge in an isolated farmhouse under attack from flesh-eating ghouls.

How much did it cost to make Night of the Living Dead?

114,000 USDNight of the Living Dead / Budget

Is Night of the Living Dead public domain 2021?

Night of the Living Dead today exists within the public domain, meaning copies of the film are free to watch and share.

Was Night of the Living Dead a true story?

The Real Night of the Living Dead is the alleged true story of Veimer Stanton who, while working as an attendant at Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry in 1951, was faced with fighting for his life against the increasing number of the living dead after a medical experiment went awry.

Who are the members of living things?

Living Things is an American punk rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. The band consists of the brothers Lillian Berlin (vocals/guitar), Eve Berlin (bass), and Bosh Berlin (drums), and Cory Becker (guitar).

What is the living deads?

THE LIVING DEADS – YouTube A portal into the sick minds of human depravity. See what 2 people were driven to do when the odds where stacked against them !!!!!!!!www.thelivingdeads.comw… A portal into the sick minds of human depravity.

What happened to the members of living death?

After the release of Worlds Neuroses in 1989, Toto, Fred, and Atomic Steif left the band. While they formed a new band under the name L.D.. The remaining Living Death members and brothers Reiner Kelch and Dieter Kelch reformed the band with three new members.

Are the living deads a cat and cat band?

“We’re not your typical cats-and-kittens rockabilly band,” says Symphony Tidwell, upright-bass player for The Living Deads. “We’re not cookie-cutter at all.