How do you inspect a VESDA system?

  1. Lamp Test: Verify all control-system lamps illuminate steadily. 5.7.
  2. Detector Test: Verify that 8 to 8.5 bar-graph segments illuminate. 5.7.
  3. Alarm Setting: Verify the Alert, Action and Fire levels display on the bar graph. 5.7.
  4. Air Flow through the Detector: Verify the illumination of 5 bar-graph segments.

How often should heat detectors be tested?

For restorable fixed-temperature, spot-type heat detectors, 2 or more detectors must be tested on each initiating circuit annually [see NFPA 72(10), Sec.

What is Vesda pipe?

VESDA piping systems are produced from specialty thermoplastics that offer unique benefits. Piping systems are lightweight, and assembled easily in the field using inexpensive tools. The one-step solvent cement joining processensures fast reliable connections.

Where is Vesda system installed?

A VESDA System Installation can be used as pretty much anywhere but over the years we have found it to be most useful for the following settings:

  1. Warehouses where we can install the VESDA system at high level to ensure complete coverage.
  2. Large ceiling void areas with good access.
  3. IT/Server rooms.

What type of systems are best for air sampling smoke detectors used for?

Air sampling detectors are chosen most often for the following applications: Very Early Warning Fire Detection installed at the ceiling level of rooms containing information technology or telecommunications equipment. Smoke detection at air handling return grilles.

What certificate is required if you are servicing the fire alarm system?

According to NFPA 72, qualified fire alarm service personnel must meet one or more of the following: Factory trained and certified for the specific type and brand of system serviced. Certified by a nationally recognized certification organization acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

How does the VESDA system work?

The VESDA system samples air from a fire zone for the presence of smoke. The air sampling system makes this possible by providing the means for transporting air from a fire zone to the detector. The air sampling system is active, continuously drawing in air samples by means of an integral pump. It does not

What is VESDA fire detection?

Fire detection is an integral part of fire protection Engineering. This area requires the expertise of highly qualified fire detection engineers and supervisors. The air is drawn into the piping network by a high-efficiency aspirator. The VESDA system consists of a dual-stage filter.

How to test VESDA aspirator?

Power up the system : The aspirator starts up & air is felt flowing out of the exhaust port and the name VESDA will appear on the LCD screen. Isolate the wiring connection to the solenoid valve. Induce a smoke signal. Check the operation of bell in the first stage. Check the operation of flasher in the second stage.

What is a VESDA address?

VESDA addresses are created for the system to operate within defined parameters for optimum smoke detection. Site conditions have an impact in defining VESDA Addresses. Some key guidelines need to be observed when creating an Address.