Where is the Chicago Shakespeare Theater?

Navy Pier
Chicago Shakespeare Theater (CST) is a non-profit, professional theater company located at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

How many seats are in the Chicago Shakespeare Theater?

The Stages The unique architecture of our 500-seat courtyard-style theater was inspired by theaters in early modern England, and evokes the design of Shakespeare’s Globe and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre.

Why was the theater of Shakespeare closed?

Plague had posed an ongoing danger in England since before the time of Shakespeare’s birth, but a particularly devastating outbreak of the disease swept the country in 1593 and 1594. During especially intense epidemics, the Privy Council would exercise its authority as the queen’s advisors to close all public theaters.

What is Shakespeare’s most famous theatre?

The Globe
The Globe, which opened in 1599, became the playhouse where audiences first saw some of Shakespeare’s best-known plays. In 1613, it burned to the ground when the roof caught fire during a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII. A new, second Globe was quickly built on the same site, opening in 1614.

What the Constitution means Chicago?

Playwright Heidi Schreck’s boundary-breaking play breathes new life into our Constitution and imagines how it will shape the next generation of Americans. Fifteen-year-old Heidi earned her college tuition by winning Constitutional debate competitions across the United States.

How big is the Shakespeare Theater?

A modern reconstruction of the Globe, named “Shakespeare’s Globe”, opened in 1997 approximately 750 feet (230 m) from the site of the original theatre. From 1909, the current Gielgud Theatre was called “Globe Theatre”, until it was renamed in 1994….Globe Theatre.

Rebuilt 1614

Where is the yard in Chicago?

Architectural design and theatrical function come together in The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare, an innovative and flexible artistic year-round space, constructed underneath a tent on Navy Pier. Chicago Shakespeare Theater (CST) opened its first facility on Navy Pier in 1999.

How did theatre work in Shakespeare’s time?

Theaters were open air and used natural light. Without the advanced technology of artificial light, most plays were performed not in the evening, as they are today, but rather in the afternoon or during the daylight. Furthermore, plays during that era used very little scenery and few, if any, props.

Where can I watch Shakespeare in Chicago for free?

From Anywhere. A variety of free programming is available for you to enjoy on Chicago ShakesSTREAM, from a collection of Shakespeare’s most spine-chilling scenes and conversations with scholars to musical performances broadcast from the Theater’s rooftop, and more.

What is Chicago Shakespeare in the parks?

A WTTW Channel 11 program celebrating the community-building spirit of one of our city’s favorite summertime traditions, Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks. Eerie ghosts.

How can you celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday in Chicago?

To mark Shakespeare’s birthday, this special evening includes a conversation with rapper & actor Common, plus performances broadcast from the Theater’s rooftop. Listen to the world premiere cast recording of Ride the Cyclone —the funny, irreverent, acclaimed musical that made its U.S. premiere at Chicago Shakespeare in 2015.