How to take calm asap?

Adults take 3 capsules, once daily, on an as-needed basis. Not for use during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use. Store away from children.

Can I take holy basil and ashwagandha together?

Holy basil and ashwagandha may start working at different times, which is a good reason to take both of them together. Ashwagandha has been shown to start working within the first two weeks. People report feeling the full benefits of holy basil in about 60 days.

Who founded Gaia Herbs?

Ric Scalzo
Gaia’s founder, Ric Scalzo, searched more than a year before the January day when he found this herbal Eden, its vernal promise hibernating in winter ice. Here, he oversees the production of natural supplements, from seed selection to packaging.

Which is better for stress ashwagandha or holy basil?

Vedic texts note that Ashwagandha has benefits for the nervous and endocrine systems, which may account for why it is used to calm anxiety. The plant is used as against inflammation and as a general rejuvenation tonic as well. Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is said to promote whole body well-being.

Who should not take Holy Basil?

You should be cautious about using holy basil if you: Have low blood sugar. Are trying to get pregnant. Take anticoagulant (blood-thinning) drugs….What are the risks of taking holy basil?

  • Cause low blood sugar (animals and humans)
  • Promote bleeding.
  • Decrease fertility.

Where are Gaia products made?

Gaia Herbs Farm Crew Helping us tend to the 30 to 40 crops that represent approximately 25% of our raw materials each year, the workers on our 250-acre western North Carolina farm follow strict Certified Organic standards from seed selection and soil preparation to cultivation and harvesting.

Does Walmart carry holy basil?

Spring Valley Holy Basil, 500mg, 90 Count.