Who needs to register as a lobbyist in Illinois?

The Illinois Lobbyist Registration Act applies to any person who, for compensation or otherwise, either individually or as an employee or contractual employee of another person, undertakes to influence executive, legislative or administrative action; and any person who employs another person for the purposes of …

What does registering as a lobbyist mean?

“Lobbyist” means any person who: (1) engages in lobbying; and (2) in any registration year, receives or expends an aggregate of at least $500 in compensation or expenditures for lobbying, whether the compensation or expenditure is solely for lobbying or the lobbying is incidental to that individual’s regular employment …

What are lobbies in Illinois?

Lobbying at the local level includes any attempts to influence any ordinance, rule, regulation, order, decision, determination, contractual arrangement, purchasing agreement or other quasi-legislative or quasi-judicial action or proceeding.

How do I become a lobbyist in Chicago?

All lobbyists must register by filing electronically, on our ELF system, a Statement of Registration within five (5) business days of first engaging in lobbying activity and annually thereafter by January 20th.

What is an example of a lobbying group?

American Chamber of Commerce The U.S Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest lobbying groups and spends a huge amount of money. Because this group represents a vast amount of companies, they are a bit all over the place in their lobbying efforts – which is why they spend so much money.

Is there a law against lobbying in Chicago?

The law preempts all local lobbying regulations except for the City of Chicago. Lobbyists now must report any lobbying consultants they hire as well as the consultants’ expenses. Lobbying prior to completing the ethics and sexual harassment/discrimination training is a violation of state law.

When can I register as a lobbyist in 2022?

ACCESS TO 2022 REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE ON JANUARY 3, 2022, THE FIRST BUSINESS DAY OF 2022. Public Act 102-664/Senate Bill 539 enacts significant changes to the Lobbyist Registration Act and to the processes of registering lobbying entities and lobbyists, and the filing of expenditure reports.

How do I file a library of Congress lobbyist registration?

Lobbyist Registrations and Expenditures must be completed and submitted electronically. All registering entities must designate a single individual as the entity’s authorized agent. The authorized agent must be registered as a system user and is responsible for the submission of all filings.

What is the difference between a legislator and a lobbyist?

“Legislator” means a member or member-elect of the General Assembly. (Source: Laws 1967, p. 3401.) Sec. 1-109. “Lobbying” means engaging in activities that require registration under the Lobbyist Registration Act. (Source: P.A. 102-664, eff. 1-1-22 .) Sec. 1-110.