What is the main idea of Good Country People?

Flannery O’Connor uses several themes in ‘Good Country People. ‘ Themes are the big ideas explored in a story. The themes in this story include identity, love, life and existence, religion, education, and society and class. This story is a commentary on the misleading nature of self-identity.

What does Good Country People mean in the story?

The Bible Salesman. Both the mother and the daughter are so convinced of the superiority of their perspectives that they don’t recognize they’re being duped by the Bible salesman. “Good country people” is meant to be flattering, but it’s a condescending phrase. It implies that the speaker, Mrs.

Who are the four main characters in Good Country People?

The main characters in “Good Country People” are Hulga Hopewell, Manley Pointer, Mrs. Hopewell, and Mrs. Freeman. Hulga Hopewell, born Joy Hopewell, has a PhD in philosophy.

What is the mood of Good Country People?

Judgmental, Playful, Comic. We get the feeling throughout that O’Connor thinks her characters could be much better people than they are, especially Hulga and Mrs. Hopewell. Yet she puts forth this attitude in a playful way that encourages the reader to laugh at the characters and the scenarios.

What is ironic about Good Country People?

In conclusion, the title, “Good Country People” is ironic to the major theme, because Manley isn’t a good country person. In fact, he isn’t a good person period, which makes him evil and thus not what Mrs. Hopewell considered to be ‘the salt of the earth.

What is the rising action of Good Country People?

Rising Action: Hulga meets a bible salesman who comes to her door named Pointer and she plans a date with him. Climax: During the picnic date, Manley starts to kiss her and convinces her to show him how take her prosthetic leg off. Once he learns, he takes it off while they are kissing and refuses to return it.

Why she cried good country people are the salt of the earth besides we all have different ways of doing it takes all kinds to make the world go round that’s life?

“People like you don’t like to fool with country people like me. “Why!” she cried, “good country people are the salt of the earth! Besides, we all have different ways of doing, it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. That’s life!”

How does Mrs Hopewell describe good country people?

Her conventional worldview is based on a simplistic assessment of herself at the top and the classes “beneath” her as either made up of “good country people,” meaning rural people who work hard and are honest, and “trash,” dishonest people who, Mrs. Hopewell believes, are strictly untrustworthy and live in filth.

Who is the antagonist of Good Country People?

Manley Pointer Manley is the main antagonist. He makes Hulga, the protagonist, surrender to him, and even say she loves him. And then he makes her really uncomfortable and steals her wooden leg. He claims that he does this kind of thing to people all the time.

How did Joy lose her leg in Good Country People?

When she was ten, her leg was “shot off in a hunting accident” (13), which sounds like a major bummer to us. Joy legally changed her name to Hulga when she was twenty-one, but Mrs.

Which example from O Connor’s Good Country People contains an example of irony?

Which excerpt from O’Connor’s “Good Country People” contains an example of irony? Joy was her daughter, a blonde girl who had an artificial leg.