What happened Brodie?

AEW wrestler Jon Huber (aka Brodie Lee) died last month after a long battle with a mysterious lung illness. His wife Amanda joined the AEW Unrestricted podcast to provide a detailed timeline on Brodie Lee’s tragic battle. You should listen to the full podcast to hear her full account.

How tall is Brodie Lee?

6′ 5″Brodie Lee / Height

What condition did Brodie Lee have?

Posting on Instagram, Brodie Lee’s wife had confirmed in December that he passed away due to a “non Covid-related lung issue” after a long, hard-fought battle – paying tribute to everyone at All Elite Wrestling for their support in her message.

Who is Amanda Huber?

Amanda Huber is a wife of pro WWE wrestler Jonathan Huber (Famously known as Brodie Lee) and she wrote Tribune Article About Brodie Lee.

What happened to Brodie Lee from WWE?

He departed WWE in December 2019 and subsequently made his AEW debut in March 2020 as Mr. Brodie Lee, revealing himself to be “The Exalted One” (the previously anonymous leader of The Dark Order) and winning the AEW TNT Championship in August of that year.

Who is Brodie Lee’s wife?

Pro wrestling star Brodie Lee died Saturday, All Elite Wrestling announced. He was 41. Lee, whose real name is Jon Huber, died of a non-COVID-19 related lung issue, according to his wife Amanda’s Instagram account.

What did Big E say to Brodie Lee on Raw?

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When did Brodie Lee join AEW?

The former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion first joined WWE in 2012, first as a member of The Wyatt Family and later as one-half of The Bludgeon Brothers. He departed from WWE in late 2019, then arrived in AEW as Mr. Brodie Lee in mid-March while revealing he was “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order.