What did Dr Stamets suggest that the mycelium of fungi could make from cellulose?

Discovery. But how? In Paul Stamets’ TED Talk, we learn that mycelium converts cellulose into fungal sugars, which means ethanol.

Are all laccaria edible?

Edibility. Its not uncommon to see a carpet of laccaria when you head into a pine forest, although there are many species of laccaria in Australia they are all edible. In my opinion they are quite under rated and hold up well to frying and cooking in general due to its sinuous/fibrous stem.

How fungi can clean up pollution?

They make their way through life by tapping into resources few if any others want—horse manure, fallen leaves, dead animals, and the like—and breaking down the natural chemicals they contain into a source of energy and molecules to nourish themselves.

What is Stamets 7?

3 days ago
This 7-species mushroom blend was specially formulated by Paul Stamets for daily immune support. Many use Stamets 7® as a functional food formula to support an engaged and balanced immune response.* Promotes respiratory, digestive, circulatory, cellular, lymphatic, and systemic functions for foundational immunity.*

Is Paul Stamets in Star Trek named after?

Who is Paul Stamets? USS Discovery’s Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets is an astromycologist. He is named after Paul Stamets, a real-life mycologist who strongly advocates for the use of fungi in bioremediation and medical therapies.

Can fungi dissolve plastic?

Scientists have discovered that microorganisms can play an important role in ridding the planet of waste-plastic, as over 90 genera of bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes have the ability to degrade plastic.

Can fungi clean water?

Treating water waste Bodies of water can also be cleaned with fungi. Researchers at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in northwestern Switzerland developed nano-biocatalysts from oyster mushrooms in huge fermenting vats.