How do you say I miss you in Sri Lanka?

Spoken phonetically: (I) mah-hah (you) o-bah (miss) paah-lu-wah dha-ne-nah-vaah.

How do you greet in Sinhala?

Essential Sinhalese Phrases

  1. Hello – “Ayubowan” Aayu-bo-wan.
  2. Thank you very much – “Bohoma Istuti” Bo-hoh-mah Iss-too-tee.
  3. Please – “Karunakara” Karu-nah-kara.
  4. I don’t understand – “Mata Terinneh Neh” Mata Terenne Na.
  5. Do you speak English – “Oyate Ingrisi Katha Karanna Puluwanda” Oyate Ingrisi Ka-tha Karanna Pulu-wanda.

How do you say dad in Sri Lanka?

Thatha or Thaththi means father in sinhalese, although it’s not limited to the two, in some regions of Sri Lanka, Apachchi is the word most use to call father.

How do you greet someone in Sri Lanka?

The traditional and common greeting is to press the palms of one’s hands together under the chin and in front of the chest while slightly bowing the head. The traditional greeting is often accompanied with the phrase ‘vannakkam’ (in Tamil) or ‘ayubowan’ (in Sinhalese), which means “may you be blessed with a long life”.

How do you say sorry in Sri Lanka?

So you are in luck!…Basic expressions / Common Words.

Usa Cinghalais
Sorry Samaāva
Goodbye Ayubowan
Welcome Paiḷaigaænaīmae
Thank you (very much) Bohoma istouti

What language is mostly spoken in Sri Lanka?

Sinhalese language, also spelled Singhalese or Cingalese, also called Sinhala, Indo-Aryan language, one of the two official languages of Sri Lanka.

How do u say thank you in Sri Lanka?

It’s only fair to tell you that even if you make all the effort in the world, it will be impossible for you to carry on an in-depth conversation in either Tamil or Sinhala….Basic expressions / Common Words.

Usa Cinghalais
Sorry Samaāva
Goodbye Ayubowan
Welcome Paiḷaigaænaīmae
Thank you (very much) Bohoma istouti

What is thank you in Sri Lanka?

Bohoma istouti
Basic expressions / Common Words

English Cinghalais
Goodbye Ayubowan
Welcome Paiḷaigaænaīmae
Thank you (very much) Bohoma istouti
Excuse me Maṭa samaāvaenana / karauṇaākara

How do you say Girl in Sinhala?

girl translated to Sinhala

  1. دختر
  2. keç
  3. نجلۍ
  4. духтар

How do you say wife in Sri Lanka?

“Wife” = bi∙riňdhȧ (instead of nō∙na)

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