How big do dwarf Limelight hydrangeas get?

Little Lime Hydrangea will grow to be about 4 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 4 feet.

Do Limelight hydrangeas like sun or shade?

full sun
It likes full sun in cold climates, afternoon shade in warmer ones, but it does require well-drained soils that do not remain soggy for any amount of time. To prune, simply cut back by one-third its total height every spring.

Can you keep Limelight hydrangeas small?

Remove small branches that grow from the trunk when they reach the diameter of a pencil. A standard ‘Limelight’ requires regular pruning throughout the year to maintain the rounded shape of the bush and to prevent thick branches from growing from the trunk and spoiling the overall form.

When should you plant limelight hydrangea?

The ideal times to plant Limelight hydrangea trees are early spring or fall. We recommend taking these steps when planting: Choose a sheltered planting site that receives full sun in cool climates or partial sun in warm climates.

Why is my limelight hydrangea not blooming?

Limelight Hydrangeas Need Sunshine Another reason why your limelight hydrangeas may not be blooming is that they may not be getting enough sun. Limelight hydrangeas love sunshine. So if you have them in a really shady place, chances are you might have a lot of green leaves, but you might not have any blooms.

What is the shortest hydrangea?

Invincibelle Wee White® hydrangea is positively ground-breaking: it’s the first dwarf ‘Annabelle’ type hydrangea in the world! This cute little landscape plant ensures that any landscape can enjoy the reliability, low-maintenance, and season-long beauty of hydrangeas. It reaches just 1-2.5′ (.

Are limelight hydrangeas Hardy?

Limelight hydrangeas are a popular and hardy flowering shrub with dramatic blooms that range from green to white to pale pink across a long flowering season. These are paniculata (orpanicle, referring to the shape of the flower trusses) hydrangeas, as opposed to macrophylla hydrangeas, and so they are more cold hardy and easier to grow.

How do you plant limelight hydrangeas?

This hardy introduction from Holland has reliable flower heads ranging from 6 to 12 inches in length. Like all hydrangeas, ‘Limelight’ prefers good loamy soil with modest amounts of soil moisture. When established, this selection will tolerate brief periods of drought. Grow it in full sun to light shade.

Does soil pH affect the color of hydrangeas?

The soil pH does not affect the flower color. Like most hydrangeas, we recommend applying a layer of mulch to help retain moisture in the soil, and protect the roots during freezing winter conditions. Limelight Hydrangeas perform best in locations that get full sun or at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.

How do you know when lime green Hydrangeas are ready to plant?

Held upright, they are well distributed, making a very attractive plant and display. As an added bonus, they change color as they mature, gradually turning from lime-green to creamy white in late summer to a rich, deep pink before finally fading to beige in fall.