What kind of plane was Diamond Lil?

During 2006-2007 the aircraft was reconfigured back to her B-24A/RLB-30 roots and was given the Ol’ 927 nose art. In April 2012, the CAF’s long-time Liberator legacy and nose art Diamond Lil was returned….Join Unit.

B-24 Specs
Manufacturer Consolidated Aircraft
Introduced 1941
Produced 1940-1945

Are there any B-24 bombers still flying?

The world’s only fully restored and flying consolidated B-24J Liberator is back in the skies after an absence of twenty years. The B-24 fought for our freedom in the skies of Europe and the Pacific through the use of strategic bombing during the Second World War.

Is Diamond Lil still flying?

The Boeing B-29 FiFi first flew in 1942, and today is one of only two B-29s still flying. The public can purchase breath taking flights aboard each aircraft during their visits. Of the 18,482 B-24 Liberators built, Diamond Lil is the world’s oldest airworthy four-engine bomber.

How many b17s were shot down?

In addition, air crews liked the B-17 for its ability to withstand heavy combat damage and still return its crew safely home. Between 1935 and May 1945, 12,732 B-17s were produced. Of these aircraft, 4,735 were lost during combat missions.

What was the B-24 bomber used for in WW2?

The B-24 was used extensively in World War II. It served in every branch of the American armed forces, as well as several Allied air forces and navies, and saw use in every theater of operations. Along with the B-17, the B-24 was the mainstay of the US strategic bombing campaign in the Western European theater.

How many B-24 Liberators were built?

Contracted to be built for France in 1940 and later contracted to be diverted to Great Britain as AM927, this Liberator was the 25th built out of a total of 18,482 B-24s. The total number built is documented as 19,267 with the inclusion of all variants.

What is Diamond Lil doing in the US?

Since mid-2013, Diamond Lil has been touring the U.S. providing new and older generations the opportunity to experience this rare aircraft through aircraft tours and ride flights. The Consolidated B-24 Liberator is an American heavy bomber, designed by Consolidated Aircraft of San Diego, California. The B-24 was used extensively in World War II.

What happened to the CAF Diamond Lil?

In April 2012, the CAF’s long-time Liberator legacy and nose art Diamond Lil was returned. On May 26, 2012, Diamond Lil experienced a complete hydraulic failure and suffered a subsequent nose gear collapse, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Temporary repairs were made and the aircraft was flown back to Addison, Texas.