What is Keystone bank code?

Keystone Bank Limited has remained committed to delivering convenient & superior customer experience to the Nigerian populace, hence the introduction of the simple banking USSD Code *7111#.

What is the minimum balance for Keystone Bank?

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Economy Savings Account
Opening Deposit $20
Minimum Balance Requirement $20
Fees $3 monthly fee for paper statements (E-Statements are free) $8.50 per debit fee for each debit in excess of four (4) during statement cycle $8.50 minimum balance fee if account falls below $20 during statement cycle

Can Keystone give loans?

The key to the personal loans offered at Keystone Savings Bank is flexibility. Whether it’s a loan to cover an unexpected medical expense or an upcoming family vacation, we can handle it. We accept most types of collateral, and we’ll work with you to understand how much you need from your loan.

How do I call Keystone Bank?

Contact Centre Whether it is to report the loss of your debit or ATM card, suspicion of fraud on your account, or simply to make enquires, kindly contact us immediately via phone {+234 700 2000 3000} or e-mail {[email protected]} .

What is Union Bank USSD code?

*826# is the USSD code for Union Bank Nigeria Plc, and people who use this code to carry out bank transactions call it Union Bank Transfer Code and Union Bank Code. The code can be used to carry out transaction with ease as is done with other banks transfer codes too.

How do I register my Keystone bank transfer code?

Register your pin for Keystone Bank USSD Transaction Dial *7111*0# on the phone number you use to open your Keystone Bank Account (or where you receive your alert) OR dial *7111# to register account, to register your pin, then you can create a 4 digit pin, then follow the other instructions.

Is Keystone a bank zero account?

Keystone Quicksave Account is a bank account with no hassles at all. With zero opening balance and a passport photograph, you can open an account to enjoy mobile banking opportunities and a N20,000 maximum single deposit.

How do I open a savings account at Keystone Bank?

Requirements ▼

  1. Duly filled and signed account opening form.
  2. Valid means of identification.
  3. Documentary evidence of address e.g Utility bill.
  4. BVN.
  5. Passport photograph.
  6. Mandate card.
  7. Copy of valid ID of the signatory.

Does Keystone Bank give salary advance?

Keystone Bank SALARY ADVANCE INSTANTA This loan facility allow salary earners access up to 30% of their net monthly salary as an overdraft. According to keystone bank management, the product is also available to all Keystone Paytime Current Account customers.

How do I get salary advance from Keystone Bank?

Salary Advance

  1. Completed Application Form.
  2. Completed Employee Status Inquiry/Employer’s Confirmation Form.
  3. Evidence of Confirmation (Letter of Confirmation, Last promotion letter etc.)
  4. Copy of Employment ID and valid means of identification.
  5. BVN.
  6. Credit checks.
  7. Letter of Lien/Set off.
  8. Bank account with the lender.

How do I find my Keystone bank account number?

Check account balance: *7111*00# Then your account balance will be displayed.

Is Keystone Bank an international bank?

Keystone Bank is a rapidly growing bank currently operating in three countries with an array of local and international relationships across developing and developed countries and territories that matter most to our customers.