How old is Isao?

48 years (August 20, 1973)Isao Machii / Age

Is Isao Machii a samurai?

Machii is a master of a Japanese sword-based martial art called laido and has been titled a ‘modern-day samurai. Machii is a multiple Guinness World Record holder, known for his inhuman hand-eye coordination and has featured in many shows.

Can samurai cut a bullet?

Watch Isao Machii, who holds several Guinness World Records, accurately use his samurai sword with lightning speed to cut a bullet in half. Cutting a speeding bullet in half may be a trick shown in Rajnikanth movies but it can actually be done in real life by a real ninja.

Is it possible to slice a bullet with a sword?

So basically, this proves that you can totally split a bullet with a sword. Sure, you’d need to hold the sword perfectly still and aim the bullet precisely at the middle, but it can be done. Just make sure you don’t miss.

Who was the fastest Samurai?

After growing up, Isao Machii became the most famous and titled master of Iaido. He is called the fastest samurai of modern times.

Is Isao Machii real?

Born on August 20th, 1973, Isao Machii is a Japanese Iaido master from Kawanishi, Japan. He started learning the way of the sword at age five and now holds six Guinness World Records for his katana skills.

Can katana cut bullets?

The sword wins, cutting the bullet in two. And with no dents, scratches or nicks in the blade. Of course, the soft slug is hitting hard steel edge-on, but nonetheless it’s nice to see some movie science that is actually true for a change.

Could a katana cut a bullet?

The katana has to be quite flexible to be able to take the impact of a moving bullet and as such if it is too brittle it will not work. The momentum must be quite high to cut any metal as the force required is huge, no matter how sharp your blade is.

Who was the fastest samurai?

Can a katana Bend?

Whether you’re cutting tatami mats or bamboo stalks, it’s easy to bend the blade on a katana.