What is the difference between Hunstanton and Old Hunstanton?

The two are complete opposites. Old Hunstanton is a sprawling vista of sky and sand as far as the eye can see, Hunstanton is a promenade beach with attractions all around and never a dull moment, so two beaches which have something for everyone.

Is Hunstanton worth visiting?

The elegant resort of Hunstanton is the ideal base to enjoy Norfolk’s superb coastline. Hunstanton, or ‘Hunston’ as it is known locally, is renowned for its unique striped cliffs and magnificent sunsets, made special by its position as the only west-facing resort on the East coast.

Can you walk from Hunstanton to Old Hunstanton?

This Hunstanton circular walk can be either a 5 mile walk (if you start from Old Hunstanton car park) or a 7 mile walk if you start from the town of Hunstanton.

Can you walk from Hunstanton beach to Old Hunstanton beach?

We walked from Old Hunstanton beach along the beach to Hunstanton beach. The cliffs are beautiful: red and white rocks, birds pair bonding on the cliffs, fantastic views. Walked back to the car past the old lighthouse via the coastal path on the top of the cliffs.

Is Hunstanton a nice town?

Hunstanton has been named one of the best seaside towns in Britain. We can’t say we’re surprised, it’s got everything you need for a quintessential trip to the sea. Fish and chip shops, arcades, a sea life centre, family entertainment and a lovely beach that spans for miles, what more could you want?

Can you swim at Old Hunstanton?

Old Hunstanton beach is always a pleasure. It was hot and the sea was out a long way; as the sea started to come in , everybody felt the need to go in – we swam ! ( with knees scraping the sand) lovely clean beach, great beach hut experience.

What is the beach like in Hunstanton?

Hunstanton beach is remarkable for its striking pink and white striped cliffs, formed from a combination of Norfolk carstone and white chalk. The spacious beach area has plenty of interesting rock pools for visitors to enjoy, and young explorers may be lucky enough to find fossils among the rocks and shingle.

Is Hunstanton beach dog friendly?

Dogs must be kept on a lead on the Promenade, the Green and the Esplanade Gardens. Nice beach to walk along and dogs are allowed on the beach all year round. It also has a nice dog friendly cafe to get a nice coffee at the end of your walk.

Is Hunstanton a sandy beach?

Hunstanton, or Sunny Hunny, is an elegant Victorian resort, and is most famous for its striped cliffs. The large sandy beach is ideal for families with rock pools to explore and is a great spot for kite-surfing.

Can you walk on Old Hunstanton beach at high tide?

However, if the tide is high, you’ll have to walk on the top of the cliffs rather than the beach, as the tide comes right up to the cliffs and you won’t get around. These cliffs are a huge attraction for fossil hunters, and are made from chalk, red chalk and carrstone.

Is Hunstanton beach safe?

With the sand gently sloping into the sea this beach is generally safe making it ideal for families.

What to do in Hunstanton today?

15 Best Things to Do in Hunstanton (Norfolk, England) 1 Sea Life Sanctuary. 2 Hunstanton Cliffs. 3 Hunstanton Beach. 4 Boat Trips. 5 Norfolk Coast Path. 6 Norfolk Lavender. 7 Holme Dunes. 8 Old Hunstanton Beach. 9 Hunstanton Heritage Gardens. 10 Water Activities.

Where are the best beaches in south of Hunstanton?

South of Hunstanton is a long line of brilliant beaches as ‘Heachem North’ Beach morphs into ‘Heacham South’ beach and then into ‘Snettisham’ beach. Along with ‘Holme’ beach to the north of the town, you have plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation in the sand.

What are the benefits of Hunstanton’s west-facing beach?

There are lots of benefits to Hunstanton’s west-facing beach. First the sea breezes aren’t as feisty on the Wash, while in the evening you can amble down to the shore to see the sun setting over the estuary. The main beach in Hunstanton is long and pebbly, and the sea is calm and rather shallow.

Where can I play golf in the Hunstanton area?

There are many opportunities for golfing in the Hunstanton area. To the north of the town is the Hunstanton Golf Club. It’s right on the coast and you can get glorious views over the sea while you’re playing a round.