Is Pointe du Bois in the Whiteshell?

Historic Sites of Manitoba: Pointe du Bois Forestry Cabin (Pointe du Bois, Whiteshell Provincial Park) A log cabin at Pointe du Bois in the Whiteshell Provincial Park was constructed in the 1950s by the Manitoba government as part of a facility to monitor forest fires in the region.

What does a topography map show?

Contours make it possible to show the height and shape of mountains, the depths of the ocean bottom, and the steepness of slopes. USGS topographic maps also show many other kinds of geographic features including roads, railroads, rivers, streams, lakes, boundaries, place or feature names, mountains, and much more.

What are 3 characteristics of topographic maps?

Topographic maps show contours, elevation, forest cover, marsh, pipelines, power transmission lines, buildings and various types of boundary lines such as international, provincial and administrative, and many others.

What does 7.5 minute series mean on a topographic map?

For example, a 7.5-minute map shows an area that spans 7.5 minutes of latitude and 7.5 minutes of longitude, and it is usually named after the most prominent feature in the quadrangle. Others show a whole area—a county, State, national park, or place of special interest.

Is Pinawa in the Whiteshell?

Pinawa’s resort-like community lies on the northern edge of the Whiteshell Provincial Park, just 110 kilometres from Winnipeg. Situated on the shores of the Winnipeg River, the town is a recreational paradise offering sailing, canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

Is Pointe du Bois a provincial park?

Historic Sites of Manitoba: Pointe du Bois Generating Station (Winnipeg River, Whiteshell Provincial Park) The Pointe du Bois (“wooded point” in French) Generating Station was built on the Winnipeg River between 1909 and 1911, at a cost of $3.25M, by the City of Winnipeg.

How would you describe the topography of an area?

Topography is a detailed map of the surface features of land. It includes the mountains, hills, creeks, and other bumps and lumps on a particular hunk of earth. … Topography represents a particular area in detail, including everything natural and man-made — hills, valleys, roads, or lakes.

What are the three main types of topography?

Examples of land topography include mountains, plateaus, plains and valleys.