How do I manually run simulation on ModelSim?

Go to Simulate, click Start Simulation. At the Design tab, search for work, then expand the work and select your testbench file. At the Libraries tab, click Add. Select library lpm, then click OK.

Do file commands ModelSim?

DO files are an automation tool in ModelSim. This tool allows ModelSim to automatically assign values to inputs in a simulation, run or restart the simulation, or even automatically verify circuits.

How do I open a VCD file in ModelSim?

From the File menu in Designer, select Import Auxiliary Files. Click Add to browse to your VCD file and select it. When you have selected a VCD file, click OK to continue.

Do waves do ModelSim?

ModelSim offers several techniques to customize the view in the Wave View window panel.

What is the ModelSim command in ModelSim?

204ModelSim Command Reference Manual, v10.4c Commands modelsim modelsim The modelsimcommand starts the ModelSim GUI without prompting you to load a design. This command is valid only for Windows platforms and may be invoked in one of three ways: †from the DOS prompt †from a ModelSim shortcut †from the Windows Start > Run menu

What is the TB command in ModelSim?

The stack tb command is an alias for the tb command. Syntax tb Arguments None 262ModelSim Command Reference Manual, v10.4c Commands stack up stack up This command moves up the call stack. If invoked without arguments, the command moves up the call stack by 1 level.

How to display vcd2wlf bus values in ModelSim?

you can display in ModelSim using the vsim -view argument. This command only works on VCD files containing positive time values. Description The vcd2wlf command functions as simple one-pass converter. If you are defining a bus in a VCD file, you must specify all bus bits before the next $scope or $upscope statement appears in the file.

What is runstatus command in ModelSim?

ModelSim Command Reference Manual, v10.4c245 runStatus This command returns the current state of your simulation to stdout after issuing a run or step command. Syntax runStatus [-full]