Who is bee2bee?

Bee2Bee is an innovative family-owned business based in WA. Since 2016, we have been supplying beekeepers across Australia, from beginners to experts, with the beekeeping equipment and knowledge they need to succeed. The Bee2Bee team does an array of in house construction and services to meet all your beekeeping needs.

Should I buy from bee2bee?

I would highly recommend Bee2Bee to anyone who wants apiary supplies. Thanks heaps Ian. You will definitely get repeat business from us. Ian at bee2bee found the time to properly explain to me all the beekeeping basics, as well as give me helpful tips on products and affordable beekeeping.

What is bee2bee Houston honey?

Find Bee2Bee Houston honey at these local shops and farmers markets. Our mission is promote urban honey and honeybee education. A premier source of local Houston honey and honey bee education since 2016. – Increasing the number of beekeepers who employ bee-centric practices.

Can We Deliver beekeeping supplies Australia wide?

We can deliver beekeeping supplies Australia wide. We honour requests for customisation of traditional beekeeping equipment to provide what’s best for you and your bees. Either you chose to raise your new queen bee or purchase one from a breeder, installing a new queen to… How Do I Know if I Have A Queenless Beehive?