Where were Kersal flats?

12 tower blocks, known as the Kersal flats, were built in Salford in the 1960’s. They consisted of three 8-storey slab blocks, six 11-storey point blocks and three 10-storey point blocks. The Kersal estate was considered one of Britain’s largest residential housing estates of its time.

What is in Kersal?

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When were Kersal flats demolished?

Twelve high-rise tower blocks, known as Kersal flats, were constructed for Salford Council in the 1960s. Eight of these were demolished in 1990.

When was lower Kersal estate built?

Kersal is an area in the borough of Salford in Greater Manchester. In the 1930s a large council estate was built in the area with 12 high-rise tower blocks, known as Kersal Flats, erected in the 60s.

What happened on Littleton Road Salford?

A police scene is in place after a man was shot in Salford. At around 6.45pm on Tuesday (October 5), a man went to hospital with gunshot wounds. The incident happened just off Littleton Road in Kersal. A cordon is in place with Littleton Road closed in both directions.

Is Kerasal Vaseline?

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Does Kerasal work on nail fungus?

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When did Manchester racecourse close?

November 1963
Manchester Racecourse

Kersal Moor Racecourse
Location Kersal Moor, Castle Irwell and New Barnes
Date closed November 1963
Course type Flat National Hunt
Notable races November Handicap Lancashire Oaks Lancashire Plate

Does Kerasal really work for toenail fungus?

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Does Kerasal work on skin?

Kerasal is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and has been shown to repair dry skin.