What US state has the largest cranberry crop?

Wisconsin, the largest producer of cranberries in the United States, grew roughly 59 percent of the crop in 2020. Production in this State is expected to increase 1 percent from 2020 to 4.7 million barrels in 2021.

Are cranberries grown in the US?

Most cranberries come from Wisconsin and Massachusetts Just five states grow almost all of the country’s supply of the tart berries: Wisconsin produces more than half of all cranberries in the United States, Massachusetts harvests another third, and New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington produce much of the rest.

What are the 4 top cranberry producing states?

Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries, producing 62 percent of the U.S crop in 2017. Other leading cranberry producing states include Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington. (USDA NASS 2020).

What is the cranberry capital of the US?

It may surprise some to learn that Bandon, with its temperateclimate and crashing surf, is an ideal place for growing cranberries, and it has grown to a center of production since the berries were first commercially grown here in the 1890s.

Why are cranberries so expensive?

There’s a cranberry surplus. American farmers have grown a lot more fruit than people will eat and have flooded the market. They can’t save all the extra berries for a rainy day—or a year’s worth of Thanksgiving dinners—because we’re already storing much of the 2017 crop.

Are there cranberry bogs in Florida?

Courtesy of Ocean Spray, the Cape Cod, Mass. -based cooperative known worldwide for their juices and cranberry-related products, Florida’s first-ever cranberry bog is on display at the 16th Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, at Walt Disney World, through November 13.

How many cranberries are grown in the US?

Wisconsin was the top cranberry producer in the United States in 2020, at 4.64 million barrels, followed by Massachusetts with 2.06 million barrels of cranberries in that year….Total cranberry production in the United States in 2019, by state (in 1,000 barrels)*

Characteristic Production in thousand barrels

Where is the largest cranberry farm?

How profitable is cranberry farming?

1 producer of cranberries in the world. Bringing in nearly $1 billion in annual revenue to Wisconsin, according to the state Cranberry Growers Association, Wisconsin’s cranberry industry makes an enormous mark on the state’s economy.

How much does it cost to grow an acre of cranberries?

Using a four-year average of the prices paid for cranberries, this resulted in a growers being paid at a rate of approximately $4,462 per acre at the old level of production, which is simply unsustainable today.

Where does Ocean Spray get their cranberries?

Our Farmer Owners & The Cooperative Who owns Ocean Spray? Ocean Spray is owned by the 700 cranberry growers across the United States, Canada and Chile who are part of our vibrant cooperative. As farmer-owners, they are returned 100% of the profits from products made from their fruit.

How many barrels of cranberries can you get per acre?

196.0 barrels per acre
Growers produced on average 196.0 barrels per acre in 2019, up from 165.3 barrels per acre in 2018.