Is there a dual fuel fireplace?

ProCom’s Dual Fuel Technology Ventless Fireplaces are convenient, low-cost alternatives to traditional wood fireplaces and have no need for an outside duct or chimney. Our patented Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace allows for the use of Liquid Propane or Natural Gas in the same unit.

Are ventless fireplaces worth it?

The flames produced by ventless fireplaces create every bit as much ambience as those produced by vented fireplaces. Ventless fireplaces are more energy efficient than vented fireplaces because no heat escapes up the flue, so you’ll save money on gas utility bills.

Can you have a fireplace that is both gas and wood?

A fireplace cannot be both gas and wood-burning at the same time, as it can be a severe fire hazard. However, it is possible to convert one to the other with just a minor modification. A complete safety check is required to ensure that the conversion has followed all the safety regulations.

Is there a fireplace that is both gas and wood-burning?

That is, burning both gas and wood in your gas fireplace. At Kozy Heat, we specialize in manufacturing some of the best gas, and wood-burning fireplaces available in the country, and are dedicated to educating our customers on all the latest technology and safety advancements in the world of fireplaces.

How do you keep a ventless fireplace from smelling?

Vacuum up pet hair and dust to prevent the smells from concentrating around your fireplace. A room air purifier will also help to clear the air. Also, if you smoke, it’s best to do so outside to prevent residue from accumulating around your fireplace. Plug-in deodorizers and harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided.

What is a hybrid fireplace?

Hybrid Fire is a fusion of catalytic and non-catalytic technologies that combined, produce an exceptionally clean burn that emits virtually no smoke or carbon monoxide. Hybrid Fire allows you to burn cleaner fires for longer periods of time, using less wood and saving you trips to the wood pile.