Who sang the song Bilionera?

Otilia BrumăBilionera / ArtistOtilia Brumă, alias Otilia, is a Romanian pop singer. Otilia became interested in music as a child. Wikipedia

Who is the actress in Bilionera song?

Otilia Official (Bilionera) (@otilia.

How old is Otilia?

29 years (June 13, 1992)Otilia Brumă / Age

Where was Otilia born?

Suceava, RomaniaOtilia Brumă / Place of birthSuceava is the largest city and the seat of Suceava County, situated in the historical region of Bukovina, north-eastern Romania, and at the crossroads of Central and Eastern Europe. During the late Middle Ages, between 1388 and 1564, the middle-sized town was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia. Wikipedia

When was Bilionera released?

2020Bilionera / Released

Is Otilia is married?

She married Antonio Aguilar and after their divorce in 1968, she married her second husband, actor Rogelio Guerra, with whom she had a daughter named Hildegard.

Where did Otilia live?

Personal Info

Home Town Suceava, Romania
Address Bucharest, Romania
School N/A
College National College Stefan cel Mare, Suceava Facultatea de Stiinte Politice, Bucharest
Qualification B.A. in Political Science

Did Bruno Mars write billionaire?

“Billionaire” is a song by American recording artist Travie McCoy from his debut studio album, Lazarus (2010), featuring vocals by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars….Billionaire (song)

Songwriter(s) Travie McCoy Bruno Mars Philip Lawrence Ari Levine
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Who is Otilias husband?

Is dharia Indian?

Pav Dharia born in 1989 is an Australian Indian Singer, songwriter, producer and director based in Melbourne who has collaborated with many other artists to produce Rock, R&B and Ethnic style of music in both languages, Punjabi and English.

Who is Otilia’s manager?

Otilia is managed by Ionut Bejinariu. Otilia’s first song What You Gonna Do was in collaboration with singer Da Fleiva and was released in November 2010. Her first solo track All The Stars was released on April 2, 2012.

Where did Otilia bilionera go to college?

In 2015, Bilionera was the number one playing song in countries like Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria. She was also named the most famous artist of the year 2014 in Turkey. Otilia went to Ştefan cel Mare National College in Suceava, Romania.

When did Otilia change her name to Otilia?

As she did not want to get involved in a controversy, Otilia has been using her birth name as her stage name since the summer of 2013. Otilia started singing folk songs on the television channel, Antena 1 , of her hometown Suceava when she was 17 years old.

How did Otilia gain 3 kg in a month?

He has helped Otilia gain around 3 kilos within a month as she weighed 47 kg when she started working out. She has gradually attained an enviable physique and her workout routine focuses on abs, butt , and legs. Otilia initially started her singing career with the stage name “Bijue”.