What is the difference between BAKFlip MX4 and G2?

The BAKFlip MX4 features a matte black finish that matches many of your truck’s OEM accessories including bed caps and tailgate caps. The BAKFlip G2 features a glossy black finish. The MX4 is capable of supporting up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight on its top surface.

What is the BAKFlip G2 made of?

coated aluminum
It is tough as nails and designed to outlast your truck. The undersurface of the BakFlip G2 cover is made from tough, powder coated aluminum. All critical components are attached to the solid aluminum undersurface of the BakFlip G2 tonneau for awesome strength and longterm reliability.

Is BAKFlip G2 waterproof?

The inner core of the BAKFlip is a high density EPS (polystyrene). This allows the BAKFlip panels to be insulated and impact resistant. Most importantly, the panels are completely watertight.

How much does a BAKFlip G2 weight?

71 pounds
Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎BAK Industries
Brand ‎BAK
Model ‎BAK226327
Item Weight ‎71 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎81 x 9 x 23 inches

Which BAKFlip cover is best?

The BAK MX4 is my favorite tonneau cover to recommend. This is the “best of” of all of the BAKFlip tonneau covers, with 4 folding panels, strong aluminum construction, and the dual action tailgate operation.

What is the difference between BAKFlip F1 and G2?

The BAKFlip G2 is about $100 cheaper than the F1, and is made with aluminum. The F1 is made with fiberglass. The G2 will hold 300 pounds evenly distributed weight, whereas the F1 will hold 400 pounds. The F1 has a dual-action tailgate operation, but the G2 doesn’t.

Is the BAKFlip mx4 worth it?

This bed cover isn’t the best in terms of absolute security and protection, but it does offer a lot in terms of quick installation and use. As a result, we recommend this cover as a budget option for anyone who doesn’t have anything covering their truck bed. Decent amount of weather protection.

How much weight can a BAKFlip G2 hold?

300 lbs
Very well made product. It’s my second Bakflip but my first one on a 2017 Ram 1500. Love the look and how solid it is….Description.


How long do BAKFlip tonneau covers last?


BAK Industries Comparison Guide G2 F1
Hard Folding
Warranty Three (3)Years Five (5)Years
Panel Core StandardDensity PremiumDensity
Panel Finish Powder CoatedAluminum High GlossFiberglass

Can I make use of the bakflip G2 hard folding tonneau cover?

Please feel free to make use of the BAKFlip G2 hard folding tonneau cover installation instructions below to assist you with the installation of your BAKFlip G2 truck bed cover.

What is the bakflip G2?

The BAKFlip G2, is the smartest investment when you need full bed access and maximum cargo protection. The buckle system allows you to drive with your cover folded, flipped up or closed. Our concealed system allows you to secure the contents of your truck bed by simply locking the tailgate.

How does the tonneau cover work on the G2?

A gloss-black powder coat protects the aluminum panels on the G2 and creates a rich, lustrous look. A simple string latch system is used to open the cover. When closed, the latches automatically engage with the tonneau cover rails.

What kind of sealer is on the G2 bed cover?

The cover uses durable EPDM rubber seals along the length of the rails and at the hinges to prevent water from seeping into the bed. A gloss-black powder coat protects the aluminum panels on the G2 and creates a rich, lustrous look.